Free Sandwich Coupon Sends Ray Rifling Thru Recycling

Val-Pak coupons retrieved from the paper recycling bin. (Photo by Ray Johnson)

Knowing how this starving writer is always searching for sustenance, Ned Berke, the editor of this news blog, alerted me to the coupon for a free roast beef sandwich in the latest Val-Pak envelope.

I told him that either it is a mistake or the coupon is expired – because I just checked the envelope that same morning. We both checked the free coupon and it does say 3/2010. After rifling through the discarded coupons in the paper recycling bag, there was no Roll-n-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue) coupon.

Now, I find myself pondering the age-old question: How many of our readers in Sheepshead Bay have not received their free coupon? Does Val-Pak send different coupons to some households or does the missing coupon reflect a glitch in the automated envelope-filling system? Will Ned hand over his coupon to me? After all, everyone knows real men don’t use coupons.

Some of these, and other amazing questions, will soon be answered by Mr. Dave Rose as he did in one of our last posts about a similar subject.

Note: Although I mention Val-Pak (and Roll-n-Roaster) every now and then and have even included links to their site, it is just because the coupons have come in handy once in a while.

Note to Mom: This coupon is not for me. It will be used to treat (for once) a beef-eating friend to a meal.


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