Free Food & Beer At Anyway Cafe’s Oktoberfest

Anyway Cafe, 111 Oriental Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

I’ve only been to Anyway Cafe’s Manhattan Beach (111 Oriental Boulevard) outpost once: last year’s Oktoberfest. And it quickly earned a place in my heart as one of the area’s best events.

Free beer and free food are the main draw, but the unique atmosphere is worth a mention. The event was packed, but scores of bosom-sporting, dirndl-clad waitresses made it easy to get suds to our lips or some chunks of flesh off the roasted pig on a spit. My companion and I were about the only ones speaking English, but in the German-themed bar – complete with walls adorned with giant beer-brewing casks – that only added to the feel. Russian may be a far cry from German, but once a few drafts are down your gullet it all sounds the same. Especially as a slew of drunken Russian men took to showering other revelers with bar songs, backed by an accordion player.

I almost hesitate to publish this article, because I’d rather this stay a little-known gathering for me to keep in secrecy. But what kind of a service to the community is that? Just keep it on the down low – management tells us this is a celebration for locals only, which is something we can definitely get behind.

Anyway Cafe’s Oktoberfest kicks off Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. and runs ’til midnight at its Oriental Boulevard location, just off West End Avenue. I’ll be there – and if you spot me, don’t hesitate to say hello. I’ll even order you a drink, since the price is oh-so-right…