Four Blocks Of Clarkson Avenue – Nine New Buildings


Having been out reporting on the tenants fighting eviction at 250 Clarkson, we decided to take a look at what has been happening along the four blocks of Clarkson Avenue between Flatbush and SUNY Downstate.

In just a few short years, a dozen hundred-year-old homes have been razed and replaced by rental buildings, some completed, some about to be and others just starting up. Total new apartment count – more than 398, as some developers have not filed plans yet. However, it seems only about 50 of them will fall under the affordable housing program.

50-54 Clarkson Avenue, owned by 50 Clarkson Partners LLC. 

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Will become an eight-story, 93 unit residential building with 47 parking spaces.

Google Streetview photo from June 2012

The three Victorian houses that used to be there were demolished in 2013.

71-77 Clarkson Avenue, owned by Clarkson Bu LLC.

73-75 Clarkson Avenue/Liena Zagare

A new building permit was issued on 10/03/2016, Feingold & Gregory Architects.  46 units, 15 parking spots, 32,257 residential square feet.

Google Streetview 2012

The three buildings that stood on these lots were demolished in 2017.

111 Clarkson Avenue, Owned by 520 Parkside LLC and Rezo Holdings.

111 Clarkson in its previous life. Photo via NY Public Library

An eclectic victorian was bought in 2013 for $2.8 million and razed to make way for an eight-story,  28 unit building, with 8 parking spaces. The building behind it facing Parkside was also developed, into a 22 unit building, together forming The Lawrence, a 50 unit rental complex. A studio is currently for rent for $2,590.

149 Clarkson, owned by 149 Clarkson LLC.

This property was bought on 10/1/2013, and developed into a five-story, 10 unit building.

Back in 2012, there was a Victorian home where the building now stands (on the far left in the image above).

151-155 Clarkson Avenue, owned by Clarkson Building LLC

Was bought for $780,000 in 2013, permits for full demolition and the buildings you see above were gone by 2014, but no new construction permits have been filed. Currently a construction lot.

195 Clarkson Avenue, owned by 650 Met partners LLC

195 Clarkson Ave

The two homes that stood on this lot were also gone in 2014, to be replaced by a seven-story building with 29 units and 11 parking spots.

Google Streetview in 2011

221 Clarkson Avenue, owned by 221 Clarkson Avenue Realty

The new building consists of 4 stories plus penthouse and cellar, for a total of nine units.

There used to be a car repair shop at this location.

227 Clarkson Avenue, same owner as 75 Clarkson above

Building plans reveal 13 units, total of 10,000 residential square feet. Has a partial stop work order. 2 parking spots.

310-350 Clarkson Avenue, Corner of Nostrand, owned by Sandy Clarkson LLC 

This 170 unit rental building, also marketed as The Clark, has 137,681 residential square feet, 85 parking spots, and 85 bike parking spots. It offers 51 affordable units, and the lottery is open now: click to see if you qualify and apply. A two bedroom, one bath market rate apartment is listed for $2758/mo.

What a change from a few years ago:

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  1. The building inthe last photo was the former Mardi Gras Theatre, one of the first motion pictures building that lasted for twenty years from 1900-1920, not a nickelodeon but movies of the time. Guarenteed the original structure does not fit today’s needs, but if we take that attitude with apartment house dwellings that have been around for a hundred years that were well built than what is going up, Brooklyn will definitely loose it flavor and historic standings with hieghts and zoning laws going down the drain. This ownership greed must stop now and as for our representative M. Eugene, he has to go. Does he even walk down Flatbush Avenue at all with its’ smelly streets especially the intersection of Flatbush and Church Aves, EYESORE HEAVEN!

  2. Hi Liena! I live at 250 Clarkson Ave. I moved here from Harlem in 2016. What year was the lost posted photo taken? It’s crazy to imagine the clarkson/nostrand intersection looking like this.


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