Four Arrested For Gang Assault Of Two NYPD Officers At Marlboro Houses

Four Arrested For Gang Assault Of Two NYPD Officers At Marlboro Houses
Marlboro Houses (Source: Google Maps)
Marlboro Houses (Source: Google Maps)

A group of thugs attacked two NYPD cops at the Marlboro Houses in Gravesend Sunday – causing one to suffer a seizure, according to reports.

The officers, whose names are not being released, were searching for a robbery suspect they believed to be hiding out at the West 8th Street housing project on March 8 when they encountered a group of men in a stairwell near the third floor, cops said.

The New York Post reports:

When the cops ordered the group to get up against a wall and attempted to cuff them, the men started beating the cops, who were quickly overpowered, sources said.
The officers were repeatedly punched and kicked before the suspects ran off and left the beaten cops in the stairwell.

A NYCHA officer suffered a seizure during the attack and had his radio stolen by one of the assailants, reports the New York Daily News. His partner suffered a sprained shoulder.

Despite their injuries, the officers called for backup and four were arrested on Sunday.

William Rivera Sr., 46, his son William Rivera Jr., 26, Noel Gonzalez-Colon, 28, and David Rivera, 44, were all charged with assault on a police officer, gang assault, and resisting arrest. Rivera Jr. was also charged with robbery for grabbing the radio.

Both officers were rushed to Lutheran Hospital, where they were treated for non life-threatening injuries before being released, according to authorities.

PBA President Patrick Lynch condemned the attack Sunday, calling for maximum charges and increased staffing at the housing project:

These brave officers were set upon by a group of thugs who have seriously assaulted police officers and attempted to take their weapons in the past.  If the work these officers do is to benefit the people of those apartment houses, then the system must hold these repeat offenders responsible to the maximum extent possible.  If we are to make these buildings safe, then we must fight the anti-police climate created by gangs and criminals while increasing police staffing in these areas to Safe Streets Safe City levels.


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