Found On eBay: Circa 1930 Lundy Brothers Restaurant Silver Menu Holder

Source: qualityolstuff via Ebay

An original table menu holder from Lundy’s Restaurant came on the buyer’s block on eBay.

The famous seafood restaurant opened in 1934 or 1935 to 1977 or 1979, and then again from 1997 to early 2007. Currently, Cherry Hill Market has taken over the old Lundy’s space at 1901 Emmons Avenue.

The menu holder is marked on both sides with the letters “F.W.I.L.,” standing for “Frederick William Irving Lundy.” The bottom is stamped by the maker, M. Goldberg Coney Is. Wear-Bright.

It sold for $51.16 after three bids. The lucky winner gets to have a piece of local history. Wish I had placed a bid!