Fort Hamilton Comic Con 2016 – Everything You Need to Know

Fort Hamilton Comic Con 2016 – Everything You Need to Know
Cosplay Crew. (Photo via Knightmare6 Photography)

Yes, it’s happening!  Cosplayers will be coming from all boroughs to participate in Brooklyn’s very first Comic Con at the Fort Hamilton military base in Bay Ridge.

Comic Cons are known as the largest pop culture conventions in the United States, and they usually draw crowds from miles away anxious to dust off their costumes or see what it’s all about. From comic books to action figures to collectible card games – there will be all sorts of vendors and artists from all Comic Con genres (some include horror, animation, anime, webcomics and fantasy novels).

The event will be happening at the Fort Hamilton Community Club, which is at 207 Sterling Drive (on the base).

Cosplayer Chris Pitts. (Photo via Knightmare6 Photography)

There seems to be a strong draw towards the artwork aspect, and many live panels will be taking place during the event on October 15.  You’ll want to come early-ish if you hope to get good exposure for the Best Cosplay Costume prizes, but you’ll also want to beware of having certain items in your costume – it IS a military base, after all.

It sounds like common sense, but the base kindly states that “if you’re bringing, buying, or selling something that could maim, damage or cause serious bodily harm, we’re going to take issue.”

Luckily, foam and cardboard go a long way in cosplay, so few people anticipate any wardrobe malfunctions in their costume design.  The convention opens at 10:00am and the action continues all day until 5:00pm.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll need a valid picture ID and a ticket to get inside, so it’s best to snag a ticket here well in advance.  Tickets are $20 for adults, and $10 for children (military pays $15).  The base promises that there will be food, prizes, and all sorts of entertainment.  No costume necessary to come for the day and enjoy the event – it’s simply encouraged.  For more details, peek at their invite.