Fort Greene Pop-Up Cat Cafe Has A Second Life, Extending Its Lease Through November

Fort Greene Pop-Up Cat Cafe Has A Second Life, Extending Its Lease Through November
Image via The Cat's Meow.
Image via The Cat’s Meow.

It turns out that our neighborhood pop-up cat cafe has nine lives, too. The popular animal therapy/rescue adoption/animal education space at 354 Myrtle Avenue didn’t close as planned this past weekend; instead, their temporary lease has been extended through this November — perfect for anyone who wants some kitten cuddles over Thanksgiving break.

“The Cat’s Meow is excited to announce that we are extending our stay [and] serving as a place for visitors to relax, drink coffee and play with adoptable cats looking for permanent homes,” said cafe manager Anne Levin, who is also president of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC). “We plan to continue offering fun events on various evenings – such as our popular movies with cats on Saturday nights.”

Fans can look forward to meeting the kittens who have thus far been nursing to health in the cat terrarium; a new mother – Kitty Purry – and her kittens will take up residence in the terrarium.

cat cafe fundraiser on indiegogo

“We see The Cat’s Meow as a place where people can come and meet their forever friend, but also a community center where people can learn about animals, attend author readings, gallery shows, yoga classes and movies. We hope to become an important resource center for Brooklyn.” said Levin.

And as mentioned earlier this month, the folks over at BBAWC have launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise $157,500 to cover the first six months of rent, renovation fees, and Indiegogo fees.

“Based on the great reception of our pop-up Cat Café, we would expect the space to be self sufficient once up and running, and even bring in some extra money for rescuing additional cats,” said Levin.