Fort Greene Focus To Be Renamed BKLYNER

Fort Greene Focus To Be Renamed BKLYNER

A lot has happened in our neighborhood since we introduced Fort Greene Focus.

We’ve written almost 4,000 stories about those happenings — political change, housing, development and infrastructure, environmental and sustainability, our local restaurants and businesses, our arts, music, and culture.

We’re just getting started.


The Fort Greene Focus will become BKLYNER, the newest website of Corner Media Group.

The Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and other immediate neighborhoods we currently cover are crucial to what we do. And that won’t change.

Just a few short subway stops (or a bike ride) away, stories and events are taking place which relate to what is happening in our neighborhood. These stories don’t always fall within our traditional boundaries. Therefore, we believe it’s time to include more nearby areas in our coverage.

Our core values will continue to highlight pivotal news while also writing about the people, the neighborhood quirks, and local curiosities which make our area so invigorating. We want to share these stories with more of Brooklyn.

Please like us on Facebook, follow us at @bklyner via Twitter, and @bklynerbk on Instagram. Park Slope Stoop will automatically redirect to BKLYNER when we go live. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you will continue to receive all the news via email.

We enjoy learning about the nuances in our communities. We believe including other neighborhoods in that conversation will enrich our coverage even more.

As always, we thank you for spending part of your days with us.


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