Forget Victoria’s Secret, Think Merin For Valentine’s Day

Corsets and lingerie ready for Valentine's day gift-giving.
Merin Corsetiere storefront

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday, those of you with a lady to lavish gifts upon might be wondering where to shop. After perusing the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog (yes, we know it’s your sister’s catalog) and feeling unwilling to pay those high prices for some high-priced satin that might need to get mailed back, you sit there wondering, “Now, where can I get a gift I can afford?”

Merin Corsetiere is where! Right, here, in Sheepshead Bay you can walk into the tiny, well-stocked shop located at 1629 Jerome Avenue (intersection of Sheepshead Bay Road) and be personally attended to, as you choose some blood-racing red Valentine’s Day gifts.

The store is open from noon to 7 p.m. everyday except Sunday.


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