Following Series Of Crashes, Traffic Light Coming To Newkirk Avenue & Westminster Road

traffic light coming to Newkirk Avenue and Westminster

After numerous neighbors have voiced concerns about safety at Newkirk Avenue and Westminster Road (where a recent accident resulted in a parked car and a home’s wall being smashed), we’ve learned a new traffic signal is coming to the problematic intersection that’s right by PS 217 and Milk and Honey.

Thanks to neighbor Michael Dietsch for originally alerting us to the light being installed, and when we reached out to the DOT yesterday, they told us that the signal is expected to be installed by the end of this month. A DOT representative stressed that the signal will improve traffic conditions and safety at the intersection where there were six reported crashes within a 12-month period.

What do you think? What kind of a difference will that light make at the intersection?

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. Honestly, as a resident in the building on that corner, I wish speed bumps were being installed, as a continuation of them along Westminster Road (why they stop before Ditmas Ave i will never know). My worry, and that of other residents, is that the light will make people speed up to not have to sit at the light, thus causing more accidents! Don’t get me wrong, something absolutely had to be done, i just hope this helps. People drive like lunatics around that intersection, not caring for the school children, or anyone!

  2. Great! The entire “Newkirk Corridor” between Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Avenue should be improved. With PS 217, the B/Q station, and the retail at and near Newkirk Plaza the pedestrian traffic is considerable. As BoFiS mentioned, many of the intersections don’t even have crosswalks.

    Newkirk and E. 17th could also use a stoplight. It has a stop sign now that is routinely ignored and its a very busy intersection at rush hours and after school.

  3. For sure this a good move, but it shouldn’t stop there.. they oughta install those traffic light shades that only let you see what which light is on when you get about a half a block away (on this and many other lights in the area.. the avenue blocks are long and prime candidates to turn into raceways when drivers see the light turn yellow).

  4. I agree….everyone crosses there to go towards the plaza or to go into Rite Aid…it’s always a hazard crossing that street!

  5. The light at CIA and Newkirk NEEDS one of those too. I live about a half a block west of CIA on Newkirk and I regularly hear cars gunning their engines (on a fairly narrow, parked car-packed one-way street) to speed through a yellow at 45 mph.

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