Flipped Car On Emmons & East 14th (Photos, Video)

Yesterday we asked readers to send any information about a “horrible” accident that happened Sunday morning on Emmons Avenue and East 14th Street, in which one car flipped over and another got pretty smashed up. We received another batch of photos and a video last night from Igor L., but still no insight about what happened.

Or did we? In the video Igor sent over, below, a witness to the crash said it appeared as if the driver of a black car raced down Emmons/Neptune Avenue, spurring a large accident, which jives with the witness account we heard yesterday, in which Stuart Fries wrote, “I heard a tremendous screech, with a black car racing Westbound on Neptune Ave., and then a white car flying up into the air, and then I see a black car, which I suspect was parked, but not sure, also go flying and completely turn over!!!”

A commenter on yesterday’s thread said that both drivers walked away from the incident with only bumps and scratches.

Here’s some video of the aftermath:

And some more photos: