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Flatbush Postal Worker Arrested For Hoarding More Than 40,000 Pieces Of Mail



Oh man.

Looks like if you haven’t gotten a letter in the past nine years, it could have very well ended up as one of the more than 40,000 pieces of mail that a Brooklyn postal worker is accused of not delivering and instead hoarding in his home, locker, and car, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn federal court, the Daily News reported.

Joseph Brucato, 67, was arrested Wednesday after a supervisor noticed a stack of undelivered mail in his car outside the Ryder postal station at 2222 Flatbush Avenue on September 22 – and investigators ended up discovering that the worker had allegedly squirreled away about 2,500 pounds of priority, First Class, and regular mail that he was supposed to deliver to homes and businesses along his route in Flatbush, according to the Daily News. Some of the mail that was found dated back to 2005.

When agents from the office of the inspector general confronted Brucato about the mail, “he admitted that ‘he has been keeping mail there for at least six months and that on some days he did not deliver the mail intended for his route for personal reasons,’ Special Agent Michael Wu stated in the complaint,'” the Daily News reported.

Brucato’s attorney, Heidi Cesare, told Magistrate Vera Scanlon that her client suffered from depression, and he has since been released on his own recognizance and ordered to “abstain from excessive alcohol consumption,” the Daily News said.

From the Daily News:

Brucato, his wife and son are model tenants, said their landlord Grace Honovic, who saw cops swarming over the downstairs apartment and removing evidence on a pushcart. “It shocked me … and then I’m thinking, ‘Why would you want to keep all that stuff?’ He’s a mailman, you’re supposed to deliver the mail.”

A spokeswoman for the postal service told the Daily News that she’s not sure when the undelivered mail would be delivered.

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  1. This particular post office, through no fault at all of the supervisors who have been friendly and helpful, is one of the worst I’ve ever had to deal with.

    On multiple occasions, packages are simply brought on their daily route and not delivered at all. They place a pink slip in our mailbox the day after to cover their tracks, but as our bell system is one that rings a cell phone and that there were no missed calls proves that the attempt was either never made, or they saw the bell system that was different than the standard ring and run and said, “Screw this.”

  2. Spot on. The Church Ave Post Office phone rings with a busy tone at all times, so you can’t even call and requests for redelivery either by sending back the slip or filling out the online form are flat out ignored.

  3. CJ, if that happens again, try calling 718-462-5783. That’s an alternate number provided to me by a supervisor there after I mentioned that multiple times I called the number listed on the USPS website and got nothing but a high pitched whine on the other end when it stopped ringing.

  4. So that you can pick it up from the middle of nowehere if you miss their 3 attempts? Or so that you support their anti-union policies that make it noticeably worse to work for Fedex than for unionized USPS?


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