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[Updated] Flatbush Father Charged With Attempted Murder After Stabbing Man Who Grabbed His Infant

Ocean Avenue near Glenwood Road. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

UPDATE 5/10: Coney Island resident Stanislav Bochkarev died in Kings County Hospital on May 5, and the incident has now been deemed a homicide, said cops. The investigation remains ongoing.

Oleh Dubrovskyy, a 27-year-old Flatbush man, is charged with attempted murder after he stabbed another man who grabbed his infant child during a violent fight early Saturday morning, said cops.

Oleh Dubrovskyy and Stanislav Bochkarev were reportedly arguing in Dubrovskyy’s building on Ocean Avenue near Glenwood Road on Saturday, April 29 around 4am. The scuffle turned violent when Bochkarev punched Dubrovskyy in the stomach, said cops.

Bochkarev then ran inside Dubrovskyy’s apartment and grabbed his 1-month-old baby, said cops. The father took the child back, whipped out a knife, and stabbed his victim repeatedly in the stomach, officials said.

The baby was unharmed, but cops found Bochkarev in critical condition with multiple stab wounds. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he remains on life support.

Dubrovskyy was charged with attempted murder, assault, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and criminal possession of a weapon, said police. The neighbor has yet to be charged.

Overall, shootings and felony assaults (which often involve the use of weapons) have been on a downward trend in the 70 Precinct, according to city data. So far this year, NYPD have reported two murders in the precinct, including a man who beat his cousin to death in their Ditmas Park apartment.

[Originally published May 2, 2017]

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  1. Oleh should not be charged. He was defending his child. How would anyone feel if their young was just taken and ran away with. I dont understand why he was arrested for saving his son.

  2. Yes, don’t understand how someone protecting their month-old baby can be charged with attempted murder. Was there intent to kill here? There was a fight, a baby’s life was endangered, the father reacted. At most, there should be an attempted manslaughter charge.

  3. I know the Bochkarev family. The mother asked to help her get her child back after her father took the child by force and threatened to kill the child and himself. The boy tried to help, the mother ran in and took the baby, then ran down the elevator to get away wile the boy protected her and took 3 stabs to the chest. The whole thing got caught on video, maybe you could actually investigate before you publish a story.

  4. Hey Kar, Nice story. please tell it again…. no one cares Sherlock Holmes.

    Anyway, Oleh was clearly protecting the child’s life. Posession of weapon/Manslaughter chargers make sense I guess but murder, absolutely not.

  5. I see nothing wrong with this scenario as it was published in this article. No charges should be filed except on Bochkarev if he was to survive


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