Fixing Flooding on Argyle Road

Fixing Flooding on Argyle Road

If you’ve ever been on Argyle Road after a bad storm, you’ve witnessed the twin lakes that consistently form on Avenue H and Glenwood Road. As pictured above, the flooding extends further to Foster Avenue and beyond. Alfred and Alison from Midwood Martial Arts live and work near the frequently wet intersection of Ave H and Argyle. As such, they are among those who suffer the worst damage from the poor drainage. They reached out to neighbors earlier today to help get the problem fixed.

When it comes to flooding streets and local basements, the corner of Avenue H and E13 (on the south) and Argyle Road (on the north) is one of the worst. The water has gotten so high it gets into cars parked on the corner of Argyle Road and sometimes reaches my driveway about 60′ down the block. Pedestrians have to walk a block out of their way to cross the street, only to find the next intersection flooded as well.
You have seen us outside with rakes clearing garbage and leaves out of the street drains so the water can go down and cars and people can get through.
Since the tornado on Saturday morning the drains seem to be blocked under the street so that even though the water has receded from the street, it continues to back up underneath. We have reported it to 311 three times since yesterday at 5pm. They gave us a six hour commitment that DEP would respond. That was 15 hours ago.

They ask that any neighbors who have experienced problems with street drains report it to the Department of Environmental Protection. That means that if you’ve had sewage or water in your basement or any sort of trouble from living, driving or walking through the area, you can and should report the problem. It’s a fairly easy process online. You can also call 311.

Photo: A flood last weekend at Coney Island Avenue and Caton

Other trouble spots exist thoughout the neighborhood. When you see these lakes, do your best to report them. Afterwards, take a picture and send them to or add them to the Ditmas Park Corner Flickr group.


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