Five Stories To Expect In 2010

Now that we’ve got our Top Ten Stories of 2009 list out of the way, we thought we’d ponder what big stories you can expect in 2010.

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Subway construction delays – The Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road stations have already seen delays, with completion pushed back several months. We’re betting that when December 2010 rolls around we’ll hear the same ol’ tune from the MTA. As of this moment, plans say the ongoing construction on the Coney Island-bound side local stations above Kings Highway should be completed by December 2010. At that time, they’ll switch to the other side – so they say. As with the Ave U/Neck Rd. stations, expect a few months extra with a first-phase completion date of early 2011.
  • Elections! Elections! Elections! – New Yorkers are facing a huge election year in 2010, with either all terms completed or special elections for all of the following positions: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, governor, comptroller, attorney general, State Senate, and State Assembly. That means our area of coverage will have 14(!) races this year. We’re hoping to host debates again this year, but other than that we haven’t yet decided how we’ll cover this year’s election. How would you like to see it done?
  • Station Plaza – We haven’t heard a peep lately from Acadia Realty and P/A Associates about Station Plaza, the new mega-retail (and possibly residential) development going up next to the Sheepshead Bay train station. But as the economy begins to recover (or at least stops sinking), they may get the capital together to finally break ground – a long delayed accomplishment. We’ll be checking in to see what’s going on.
  • Coney Island Avenue Gets Funky – Earlier this month we told you about proposed changes to Coney Island Avenue near Neptune Avenue that could have major effects on traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and the local economy. Area leaders are battling the plans, but opposition didn’t stop similar changes elsewhere in Southern Brooklyn. With the DOT attempting to move forward soon, we’ll see if this will go through – and if it does, Sheepshead Bites will follow its effects.
  • Battle For Manhattan Beach – This two-year-old saga has residents of the beachfront community tired of its own story. Members of the two civic associations, Manhattan Beach Community Group and Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, continue to pay lip service to community harmony and deny there’s an ongoing turf war. But behind the scenes, it’s apparent there’s bad blood brewing, and the groups are struggling to reconcile their differences. Private security force Beachside Patrol may be discontinuing service – some say because of the struggle. We’ll see how it shapes up in 2010, and how politicians vying for votes play off the battle.

(Correction: the original version of this article stated that Beachside Patrol has already discontinued service. However, no official decision has been made and organizers are still attempting to save the patrol. Sheepshead Bites regrets any confusion.)