NYC Runs Again – First Race Since Pandemic Started on Friday in Brooklyn

WINDSOR TERRACE – It’s been a while, but sports events are starting to return, little by little. Tomorrow, Friday, August 28, Brooklyn will host the first race since the lockdown, and it will take place in Prospect Park. Only 300 runners will compete, and no spectators will be allowed, organizers tell us.

The 3.33 mile NYCRUNS race will start at 7:00 at the Bartell-Pritchard Circle corner of Prospect Park, and will end there as well. Waves will be staggered in groups of 50 but instead of a mass start for each wave, runners will start two at a time.

And as we are increasingly used to, everyone will have their temperature taken by event staff, and everyone will be required to wear a face-covering at all times, including while running. All runners who test positive for COVID-19 within the fourteen days following the event must contact the organizers who will notify other participants who may have been exposed.

For those who did not register in time – NYC Runs has fun options for great virtual races all across the city.


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