First Hurricane Sandy Videos, Photos Submitted By Readers

The first photos and videos are hitting our inbox, showing some early flooding and damage as Hurricane Sandy is still 300 miles away from New York City.

Please send any photos of videos to!

Reader Achiko took these videos at approximately 8:30 a.m., showing a flooding Driscoll Tucker park and giving an idea of how high the water is coming up against the piers.

Meanwhile, readers nolastname, Bay Resident and one other sent in the following photos, showing how things are coming along around Emmons Avenue (and a very flooded Voorhies Avenue).

This one’s in Manhattan Beach:

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  1. I guess I’m not understanding why they called for evacuations on Irene for Zone B as well but this seems much worse and they know it’s worse than Irene but only called for Zone A this time. I’m RIGHT at the border of zone a and zone b. B is literally across the street from us. Hope we are OK. 2nd floor of a townhouse.

  2. Great videos just be careful. Thanks Ned and everyone else who is brave enough to venture out in these conditions.

  3. The pictures were from earlier this morning during high tide. Water has since receded. High tide is coming on again later tonight when the storm is closer so anticipate even more water.

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