Fired Greenfield Staffer Fires Back

Stefanie Fedak, at left (image from

If you’ve ever been fired then you’ve probably had a moment or two of wishing you could publicly bad mouth your former boss.

To most people, this is more fantasy than reality, just a guilty pleasure of the mind rather than something that can actually manifest itself in life. Besides, who cares about your boss except you and others you work with?

However, when the authority figure who’s the subject of so much resentment is a public figure, well, the newly unemployed can be much more empowered to make some noise.

That’s what happened when Stefanie Fedak, a former staffer of Councilman David Greenfield was let go. Until she was fired, Fedak’s duties included that of Greenfield’s press contact for a plethora of media outlets, including Bensonhurst Bean. has published, in its entirety, a scathing e-mail from Fedak in which she trashes Greenfield. It even includes an open invite for an evening of drinks and the musical styling of rapper Lil’ Wayne at Biddy Early’s (43 Murray Street), a bar near City Hall in Manhattan, tonight.

Where will Stefanie be headed next?  According to the e-mail on Observer’s website, she’ll be hanging her hat in the Lone Star State.


I am headed to Dallas, TX where I will eat meals cooked by a gourmet chef (aka my patient and loving boyfriend, Stan, who is actually a chef), write a book, return to law practice and hope that Governor Rick Perry is elected President so that he can be your problem, too.

Now tell us what you really think, Stefanie…


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