Firearm Found In “Posh” Oceana Development


We’ve heard a gun of some kind has been found on a secondary roof in the upscale Oceana Condominiums Development on Brighton Beach Avenue. We don’t know the full story yet, but know NYPD officers are on the way to retrieve it…

… and that’s too bad. I mean, it’s the Oceana – the luxurious location of multi-million dollar condominiums with an ocean view. You figure if you’re going to pay that much money for a pre-fabricated construction, you might as well get some bang for your buck… literally.

Just imagine the listing:

Penthouse B – 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Powder Room, Two Terraces – $1,725,000 – Large Kitchen, High Ceilings, Marble Finishes, Hardwood Floors, Private Balconies, Windowed Open Kitchens – Shared gun in rooftop storage for miscellaneous shenanigans.

It’s starting to a feel a little like Grand Theft Auto IV over there, eh? Oh wait… it always did.