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Fire Truck Involved In Kings Highway Accident


A car and FDNY truck collided on Kings Highway and East 12th Street just minutes ago. A reader turned up on the scene shortly after the accident and couldn’t tell us who hit whom, or if the truck was on its way to an emergency. He said there appeared to be liquid on the ground. Looks like everyone involved is safe and sound.

UPDATE: We’re told this accident is causing major traffic backups.

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  1. It looks like the car hit the truck, if both vehicles haven't been moved. I'm thinking the car driver was on their cellphone or handling their GPS and didn't hear the truck's sirens, unless it was just the truck running the light without their sirens on or just the car running the light when the truck had the light. I've seen too many cars run lights in that neighborhood, but usually at night.

  2. I wonder if it was necessary for the truck to be on Kings Highway. Lots of traffic and not very wide.

    Not that this has anything to do with causation.

  3. Maybe the DOT should restrict traffic lanes for Fire trucks like they are doing to cars in the rest of the city? Puh Leeeeeze. The fire house is right off Kings Highway. From the picture, it looks like they were heading back to the house on E 14 St. They already changed the direction of E 14 St to make it easier for the trucks to enter and leave the street.


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