Southern Brooklyn

Finding Hope For Mankind, One Dollar At A Time

If you spot Rafi’s underwear, you win the dollar.

America has been teetering on the brink of destruction for some time. Between the gloominess of poverty, war, global warming, and financial ruin, we silly citizens have totally forgotten about civility, humility and kindness. America is one shove on a subway train away from completely exploding to smithereens.

Luckily, the folks at Laundry King at 39 Neptune Avenue are tipping the scales, just a little bit, back in our favor with some basic human decency.

Our friend Rafi G. sent us the following note yesterday:

I picked up my laundry last night from Laundry King on Emmons and Neptune, the 24hr place. So after they wash and fold your clothes for you…they wrap it in plastic and then your laundry bag. So I got home opened my laundry bag and found a $1 sitting on top of my clothes in the plastic. I probably left in a pair of pants or something and they found it and returned the dollar.

Good on you, Laundry King. However, I, uh, left a $10 million bill in my pants last time I was there. Can you, uh, reimburse me? Please?

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  1. Speaking of returning a dollar, dig what happened to me once:

      It’s lunchtime, Fulton Street, Manhattan. I’m walking with a co-worker. Ahead of us are two young ladies. One drops a dollar. I pick it up. I tap her on the shoulder.

      I say “you dropped this”.  She looks at me, hesitates, and says “No I didn’t”. 

      I say “I saw you drop it”.  She says again “no I didn’t”, and walks quickly away with her friend. As Harry Chapin sang, I stashed it in my shirt.

       Another time, 2 guys in Queens are carrying a huge box. One drops a $5 bill. I get it and return it. They say thanks after hesitation and give me that quizzical look like I’m some sorta nut job…

       Ya can’t even give money back in this town. It’s a tough town.

  2. Strange, that same place would not give back my 5 dollar deposit after I wanted to close out my card once they ruined a jacket we gave in for dry cleaning


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