Finding Hope After Easter: A South Slope Peeps Story

Finding Hope After Easter: A South Slope Peeps Story

Easter has come and gone, and with it, the glorious Peeps season. The little marshmallow critters bask in the spotlight of our adoration every spring, only to have that ardor disappear in the blink of an eye.

What happens to a Peep after the Easter Bunny leaves? While many do fulfill their dream of being eaten on Easter morning, each year Peeps from across the globe are left to petrify in abandoned baskets. Scared. Confused. Empty.

Peeps depression is undeniably on the rise, but several brave marshmallow men were spotted around South Slope yesterday, attempting to settle down in the neighborhood.

Leathernecks Peep

Getting a bit of ink at Leathernecks.

De Luxe

This guy made the mistake of telling Andy over at De Luxe that New Kids on the Block had more talent than Metallica.

Peeps Bus-7thAve-533x399

Giving public transportation a go.

Scooter Peep

How many kamikaze scooter disasters before somebody says enough is enough?

Yes, some efforts were better than others, but the fact that they were out there in the first place gives us hope that these little guys will pull through, and return for another hop with the bunny.

Keep calm and Peep on.


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