The Best Holiday Treats in Ditmas Park

qathra cookies

Ah, the holidays. Everyone is talking about gifts, cheer, goodness and that’s all splendid. But what about holiday treats? Let’s not forget what’s really important this season: sugar, sprinkles, chocolate and iced cupcakes in boxes and bags the size of your head. You’re in luck, hungry reader, because Ditmas Park has a number of stores selling some delicious sweets for the holidays. Let’s look around.

At Qathra on Cortelyou Road, they’ve got the big holiday cookies above on sale for $4.


Down the block at John’s Bakery (which, by the way, we’re big fans of), they have a huge selection of sweets as always. They also have a few cookies made just for the holidays going for $8 per pound. Listen, it’s December, you’re probably going to need a pound of cookies for hibernation in January.

met foods holiday sweets

At Met Foods on Cortelyou Road, a big collection of boxed cookies (from $2-$5 per box) sits next to the D’Onofrio panettone sweet bread ($5). Sadly, the bread sells out very quickly so, if you’re looking to buy it, you’ve got to get lucky here.


At the same Met Foods, 12 small but festive and appetizing cupcakes cost $2.99.


On Church Avenue, Lark has their own very good lucking chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting going for $3.81 and big chocolate chip cookies for $2.72.

Plaza Gourmet Foods treats

As an alternative to all the cookies and cupcakes, Plaza Gourmet Foods at 31 Newkirk Plaza has this bag of mixed nuts, dried fruits and coconuts that you can stuff into stockings for $2.50 each.

What other neighborhood spots are you going to for your holiday treat fix?


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