Find Out Who’s Showing the VP Debate Tonight

Find Out Who’s Showing the VP Debate Tonight

We know you’ve been counting down the days, and the wait is finally over. Tonight, live from Danville, Kentucky, it’s Biden and Ryan in a no-holds-barred BS match of epic proportions. Given the contenders, tonight’s performance is almost guaranteed to have some serious entertainment value, so we’ve tossed together a list of a few bars here in the hood that are showing the match up, which airs at 9pm.

The Owl Farm, 297 9th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues

Commonwealth, 497 5th Avenue at 12th Street

Skylark, 477 5th Avenue at 11th Street

Buttermilk Bar, 577 5th Avenue at 16th Street

Cafe Steinhof, 422 7th Avenue at 14th Street

Know of any others we’ve missed? Share your knowledge in the comments!