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Finally! Our Very Own Weinergate Story


Oh, shoot. Did I just post this? Whoa, dude, this was totally an accident. I didn’t mean to.

Maybe Robert posted it. You posted it, didn’t you Robert? No? Well, your account must have been hacked and the hacker posted it.

Regardless, I can’t say with certitude whether or not I’m going to end up eating the hot dog for lunch. Waste not, want not – am I right?

Oh well. Embarrassing photos happen to the best of us. Let’s get back to real news now, please.

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  1. It’s so thin and so orange!!  What have you done to it?!

    Don’t answer that. Let’s get back to real news, indeed.

  2. No. It’s a Jewish hot dog. Hebrew National hot dogs are born with an extra flap that a mohal cuts off so it looks like a regular hot dog. You see, hot dogs are the opposite of humans, where humans now cut their hot dogs to look like a Jewish hot dog.

    So… did you get MY joke?

  3. Ketchup might not be a big deal, but Mustard would make for a funny ER visit…  Doc, it burns… THERE…

  4. I can’t stand Weiner, but I don’t care dick about stories like this. It’s sad that politics has come down to “who we can catch”.  Who can we catch making a “racist” statement? “GOTCHA”. Doesn’t matter that you saved the country, WE CAUGHT YOU….. Labeled for life as a racist.

          Did something on Twitter? GOTCHA. Discredited for life. Doesn’t matter that you closed the deficit, fought off foreign enemies, saved the country and helped poor people. CAUGHTCHA.

       I attribute this to the declining education in this country. Rather than read books or really think, we look to this simplistic meaningless shit, and WE CAUGHT HIM.

       Like someone said, we’re going to have to start electing dudes that never leave their house, and live with mother, because, if they have any kind of life, THEY WILL BE CAUGHT.

  5. I see our esteemed Congressman has hired a private dick to determine whether the offending tallywacker depicted in the dick photo in question is in fact his own dick. Who has such dick knowledge? Is there a website or school for forensic penis indentification and confirmation techniques? Are such investigators called, perhaps, dick dicks?

  6. Oh my God!  I can’t believe this post.  I nearly peed my pants laughing!  You are so bad, Ned.

  7. “Embarrassing photos happen to the best of us. Let’s get back to real news now, please.”

    Translation, Wiener is helping us Democrat-marxists destroy the country, so lets move on, it’s not like he’s a Republican we can lynch.

  8. Ned, they found out about our Democrat-Marxist plot to destroy the country!  Oh no, what are we going to do now?!


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