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Joining a gym is easy. Going to a gym is the challenge.

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Over the years, I’ve had countless “affordable” gym memberships that I used religiously for a month or so and then gradually stopped using. Before I knew it, a year (or more!) had passed and I decided to I was better off canceling. And that, of course, is easier said than done.

The one thing that can make a significant difference in going to the gym or not going is accountability. If you have someone pushing you – to get up and go, to work out harder, to set a plan and stick to it – you’re probably more likely to succeed than you would be on your own. That idea is at the core of a new local gym called Brooklyn Health and Performance in South Slope.

Lulu Bosone is BHP’s Marketing Director. She explains that the gym is a “combination of passion, expertise, hard work and attention to detail – the secret recipe for a business model that delivers higher quality, more effective, and more affordable fitness coaching than any other gym in Brooklyn. Our main offer is semi-private training, which consists of personal training with one coach and up to three other clients at once. Even if four people are training at the same time, each person is doing their own unique exercise program.”

Along with a minimum of four semi-private training sessions per month, you get unlimited access to use of the gym on your own time and unlimited boot camp classes. They have lots of other packages as well (including nutritional training, BHP Kids, and Boot Camp classes), but semi-private training is really at the heart of what they do.

And lest you think working out with three other people means your needs will be overlooked, the opposite is true. Each individual is assessed separately and trainers design a workout program catered to each client. Sessions are typically an hour, but they don’t put time limits on clients if learning a workout routine takes a bit longer. Finally, in addition to the accountability working out with other clients brings, the gym has built accountability into their business model.

Head Coach and Owner Tommy Ardito says, “We model our business on client success and contact everyone who hasn’t been to the gym in a week. We feel we are paid to hold them accountable, and we do.”

By capping their membership at 400 (they currently have 70), BHP aims to ensure that members never feel like they’re working out in a cramped environment. The space is open, bright, and energetic, and members never have to worry about equipment being available.

With BHP, you’re getting a smaller, client-focused training environment without sacrificing quality. Their assessment process is renowned by some of the industry’s best physical therapists, and Ardito is a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council and holds over 14 certifications from the most esteemed training organizations, such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, certified with distinction.

Ardito sums it up nicely: “This is the future of training — personalized programs and expert coaching, delivered in a way everyone can afford and, more importantly, the last gym you will ever join.”

Brooklyn Health and Performance
204 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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