Fidler’s Statement On Kruger Resignation

Ever since corruption charges against State Senator Carl Kruger surfaced on March 10, 2011, City Councilman Lew Fidler’s name sat at the top of the list of possible replacements. So we checked in with the Councilman to find out his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote:

Today is a sad day on so many, many levels. Once again our confidence in government has been jolted. For the past several months, I have carefully refrained from disrespecting the United States Constitution and the rights of the accused. In doing so, I have promised that at the appropriate time I would comment fully. Today is not that day as it would seem appropriate to let the events that have occurred resonate fully without political commentary. I do however promise to comment on and make my plans known in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Fidler has not yet announced a run in the special elections, but is widely believed to be the Democratic nominee, and the mention of revealing his “plans … in the very near future” certainly hint at his intention to run.