Fidler To Run For District Attorney?

City Councilman Lew Fidler is in his final term, and recent fundraising victories are spurring politicos to speculate about his future.

According to NY Observer’s Azi Paybarah, Fidler packed a star-studded fundraiser last Thursday. The councilman is increasingly portrayed as the foe to Mayor Bloomberg and Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez. The growing distance between those unpopular public nuisances, his swelling war chest, and his impending departure from the council are creating a perfect storm for educated guessing.

The result? City Hall News toys with the idea of a run for Brooklyn district attorney, bolstered by his close association with current D.A. Hynes.

The Observer contacted Fidler, who responded by e-mail:

I don’t know Azi. I really don’t. I have a philosophy about these things. If you do your current job and do it well, opportuniites present themselves. I am not going to spend the next three and a half years running around the City trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. There are a lot of ways to serve. I do not intend to ride off into the sunset. I guess I am proud of my record, proud of the nice array of core support that I have as evidenced by the Club dinner, and maybe even especially proud of the diversity of that support.

Whatever his intention, the Observer’s Payharah intones, Fidler’s star is rising. What that means for his district, which includes parts of Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach, remains to be seen.


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