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Tomorrow: Fidler Offering Free Late Season Flu Shots


Councilman Lew Fidler’s office asked us to share the following:

Our office is offering free flu shots later this month. This year, as always, we gave out hundreds of free flu shots in October and November but since this current flu season has been a particularly bad one, we were able to secure additional flu shots, to help constituents who may still be in need or who might be at risk.

Date: Wednesday January 30th
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Location: Councilman Fidler’s District Office – 1402 East 64th Street

To schedule a time for a free flu shot, all they have to do is call our office at (718) 241-9330 and make an appointment. It’s totally free.

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  1. Ewww….. Fidler’s a good man, and i respect him, But flu shots is a legal form of poison…. If you don’t NEED to get it, Don’t get it.

  2. Coney Island Hospital will be there administering the vaccines, it is still important to get vaccinated we are only half-way through the flu season.

  3. See when you say “Important to get” in one sentence it makes it sound like you know what exactly your talking about. Giving your opinion shouldn’t sound like a Fact. Here is a FACT. Don’t get it if you DO NOT have to. Just eat your vegetables, take multi vitamins and if you see a person coughing MOVE away from them.

  4. That’s not a fact. That’s a suggestion, an order, a directive, an instruction, a recommendation, an authoritative declaration, a command, a charge, a decree and even an admonition. A fact, it is not.

  5. nor is it a good order, a good directive, a good instruction, a good recommendation, a good authoritative declaration, a good command, a good charge, a good decree, or a good admonition.
    The idea from hat one can avoid the flu by eating right and avoiding coughing people, well, we can just let people with common sense dwell on that one.


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