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Fidler May Join City Council Speaker’s Office

Mark-Viverito, left, with Fidler, right.
Mark-Viverito, left, with Fidler, right.

Former City Councilman Lew Fidler spent many of his last months in office promising constituents that, after 12 years as a Council member, he was not “riding off into the sunset.”

Sure enough, the man is out of office for just nine days before reports surfaced that he may be under consideration for a post serving the new City Council speaker.

Politicker reported last week that a Fidler hire to Melissa Mark-Viverito’s staff is “likely,” citing an anonymous source.

Fidler, an attorney who was also assistant majority leader in the legislative body when he left office, could serve as counsel or an adviser.

Fidler didn’t deny the rumor, but did say that nothing is set in stone.

“I do hope to play a role at least on a part-time basis in ensuring that the new council succeeds,” Fidler told Politicker. “But nothing is done nor firm, and no titles or roles have been promised or given.”

Fidler is a mover-and-shaker in the Brooklyn Democratic Party and close friend and ally to its boss, Frank Seddio. The county party played an outsized role in getting Mark-Viverito elected, whipping even its most conservative Council members in line behind the new, quite liberal, speaker and helping her secure the necessary votes.

According to Politicker’s source, Fidler’s appointment is part of the deal.

“As part of the deal with Brooklyn, Lew Fidler is slated to have an advisory level position with Speaker Mark-Viverito,” said the source. “It’s what Brooklyn wanted.”

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  1. So in another words he is going to get a “make work” job on the the tax payers back. The fact that each councilman has a multi-million dollar payroll is nuts. Only in NYC

  2. He was doing nothing in his district for 12 years and he was pushed that Mosque on Voorhies ave into people trouts and now he goes to city job to sock out our tax money. Those people should not hold anymore public position.

  3. “As part of the deal with Brooklyn, Lew Fidler is slated to have an advisory level position with Speaker Mark-Viverito,” said the source. “It’s what Brooklyn wanted.”
    Who said that Brooklyn wanted Lew?

  4. Probably a mistake for me to even reply but…
    Sharon, CMs do not have million plus budgets for staff. Not even close. Second, I have never done anything in my life that is a mere “make work”. Not going to start now, if and when I am given the opportunity. I think most observers, other than the haters here, would acknowledge that I have a great deal of expertise to offer.
    Finally, I am tired of hearing the bullshit that I pushed the mosque on Voorhies Avenue. I did not. I wrote to the Dept of Buildings and asked that they apply the same standard to their rules and regulations that they would apply to any other religious institution. I had the group vetted with the FBI. That is hardly “pushing” the mosque. You haters make it seem like I funded it or something. Get over it.
    Some of you need to get a life.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  5. He is a perfect example of why we needed term limits and why that ego named Chris Quinn was so soundly trounced out of the mayoral race that she is still shaking her head asking What Happened? Imagine the chutzpah to repeal Term Limits on behalf of Mayor Bloombucks? Oh well, Jack Neufield said it best “The Permanent Government”. Frank Seddio made Howard Golden and Boss Meade proud with his deal to turn over the council to Ms. Mark Viverito, aka The Red Menace.

  6. “Some of you need to get a life” – spoken with such candor. I guess you don’t need these losers’ and haters’ votes anymore.

  7. Was Lew against Green Cabs because a car service gave him donations?
    Was Lew for the people or for those who donated to him?

  8. I am against green cabs because they are doing exactly what I thought they would do….troll bus lines during commute hours and honk at people on the street as if they were dollar vans. And, fyi, feel free to check the on line data base for CFB. I do not believe I ever took a contribution from a Car Service.
    And, fyi, the first thing I did as a Council Member was take on the illegal dollar van industry, so your suggestion that I have a sinister motivation just doesn’t meet the smell test.
    And Andy, it should be pretty obvious that I never had the haters’ vote anyway.
    Lew from Brooklyn
    The Elected Democratic State Committeeman for the 41st Assembly District that runs for election in the Democratic Primary every 2 years.

  9. Hey, folks, I encourage you to question your elected officials and take them to task if you think they deserve it. But Fidler is/was the only elected official in our area that takes some time and responds directly to your comments on this site. So instead of just throwing out nasty statements and allegations, why don’t you ask him directly instead of speaking like he’s not here?

  10. Do yourself & others a favor by dropping the word ‘haters’ from your vocabulary; also “get a life”. You sound like a fool when you use this type of slang; sounds so childish, uneducated. Guess that makes you ‘a man of the people’ as anything goes these days. Express yourself better, Please.

  11. You do yourself a favor and understand that not everyone has the same standards for speech as you do. I did not think even for one second that he sounds like a fool, childish, or uneducated and neither did many other people reading these comments.

    Your personal beliefs about how people should talk and what makes someone sound smart, foolish, etc. are just that.

  12. Hey, Perceptions. I just went through your comment history on this site. Your comments are always welcome, and we allow pseudonyms, but we do ask that you keep it to one. Please choose one and stick with it. Thanks.

  13. Lew, I made a post a while back comparing the cost of taking a Green Cab to the UA from the Sheepshead Train Station to a Livery Private Car service and it always came out cheaper.

    Green Cabs are gonna do nothing but hurt local businesses.

    Maybe you can commission a bigger study on the issue.

  14. Arthur,
    I believe that the Mayor is of the same mind as I on the outer boro issue. My new Speaker, however, is not. Expect the issue to be re-visited in some way, but doubt I will have much traction on this should I ever get to work for the Council
    Lew from Brooklyn

  15. Actually, the way people talk/write/speak directly correlates to how people think about them. Personally I’m not against slang, and I use it here and there. I love to curse in written and spoken word. However I’m aware that when I use….”high brow” conversation it tends to put off people that don’t understand it or feel “threatened” by the use of “big words” or the lack of slang.

    I have no clue how Lew constructs his posts, but he may be writing for a demographic he feels is reading. That doesn’t make him any less educated or eloquent.

    Ugh, i feel dirty, I never thought I’d defend a republican in an internet discussion.

  16. Well, honestly I don’t expect much of anything to happen. City Policy/Politics tend to be like a moving truck or a space ship stuck at warp speed. They go full speed ahead on something and it’s often very difficult to alter course or change speed.

    While I don’t think that they would be “repealed” or “Phased out” I do think that the first step would be a legit study to confirm what the costs are for consumers and travelers.

    Maybe your position could allow you to get the ball rolling on such a study? It would be pretty simple too.

    First create a list of common origin points and destinations.
    Second contact livery services and inquire to the cost of those trips. Fares are set before you get in the cab so it’s never gonna vary by a dollar or two (dispatchers tend to have slightly different opinions, its the nature of human error)
    Then compare the trip sheet records and prices charged of the green cabs.

    You can also reverse it, get the trip sheet records from the Green Cabs, and compile a report of what they charged everyone. Then contact 20-30 livery car services the outer boroughs and get their prices (presuming the fair is in their area).

    This will form quite a comprehensive look at who charges what and would be a first step in getting the city council to change anything.

  17. Don’t worry Arthur. I am a statesman and not a politician. 🙂
    And these days, apparently, an ELDER statesman at that!

  18. We’ll get you a lil’ cane and a monocle. Can you grow muttonchops? Ascots are optional.

    Clearly I have a very mature view of what constitutes an elder statesman.

  19. Using the terms “haters” & “get a life” are relatively new techniques designed to immediately end any debate or conversation. That is why LF should avoid speaking or writing in this manner. Why should I listen to you? he is saying–You hate me, I don’t have to listen to you! Get a Life (don’t bother me). This is not the way a politician should speak, it is demeaning to the public & will not sway opinion his way. It is saying he already has the job, who cares about you.

  20. Everyone is doing this these days. The stodgiest academics are using the common vernacular. Maybe we’re stubbornly clinging to an outdated set of values.

  21. Everyone, Lisanne!? And that means………………..what? Which stodgy academic says “Haters–Get a Life?”

  22. All we can do is be true to ourselves. Others make their own choices, and if it works for them we accomplish little by critiquing and belittling it. These days one can hardly judge people by their choice of language. One needs to find the substance in their acts,

  23. I can critique Lew as he is a Public person. I wouldn’t to the grocery clerk or in average conversations. Have we lowered the bar that much, Lisanne! that we should just give up & have an “anything goes” attitude? Why shouldn’t we expect Public people who are not entertainers to…….duh……….lead, or be a good example worth striving for? Worth emulating?

    Calling the Ku Klux Klan “Haters”, etc. is telling it like it is. Calling folks who disagree with you “Haters” is an over-exaggeration. Telling people to “Get a Life”—-what the hell does that mean anyway? Sure seems condescending to me.

    When Lew said that, he was short-changing himself as well as us. Personally, & I did say Personally, I’m fed up with all the Disrespect, the Bullying tactics. I’m not a Rethuglican & neither is he. Let’s leave it for Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, CChristie to set that example.


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