FDNY Responds To Building Collapse Concern On Ocean, Gives "All Clear"

Ahmed Mansour with his wife and kids, after FDNY officials gave the all-clear.

Firefighters responded to calls of a potential building collapse at 2566 Ocean Avenue, as neighbors cobbled outside after the effects of a Virginia-based earthquake struck Brooklyn.

Feeling the rumbles of the earthquake this afternoon, nervous residents of the 66-unit apartment building took to the streets and called the city about concerns over their building’s structural integrity. The building was evacuated approximately six years ago by city authorities, after construction on a building next door caused cracks in the apartment building’s walls and foundations. As the building wobbled and bookshelves shook, residents didn’t think of an earthquake, they feared that a portion of the building may have given way.

“Because I had that bad experience before, I responded right away,” said resident Ahmed Mansour. “I left my job and came here.”

Firefighters eventually gave the all-clear, urging residents to return to their homes.

“They say everything is fine. Thank God,” said Mansour. “We don’t need that.”

Emergency responders and surveyors have been deployed across the city, some in response to specific complaints like those at the Ocean Avenue apartment building, while others are checking city infrastructure like bridges, tunnels and railways. A number of suspected gas leaks have caused the deployment of Hazmet personnel in various parts of the city.

So far, however, little to know damage or injuries has been recorded due to the earthquake.

UPDATE (3:07 p.m.): From NotifyNYC, “Notification issued 8/23/11 at 3:00 PM. There are no reports of major structural damage, injuries, transportation, or utility service disruptions affecting New York City at this time.”