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Fatal Car Crash On Knapp Street This Weekend


A car crash on Shore Parkway and Knapp Street early Sunday morning has left a 23-year-old man dead and three others injured.

Devon Burgess, 23, a Brooklyn resident died at Coney Island Hospital, and the 19-year-old driver and two women in the car were taken to Staten Island University Hospital North in stable condition, according to ABC News.

The westbound 2007 Chrysler Sebring lost control on the Belt Parkway exit ramp at Knapp Street, crashing into a utility pole at high speed at approximately 1:20 a.m., police told Fox 5.

Photo by Flatbush Scoop.

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  1. Seems to me there is more to this story. Can’t imagine how fast he was going since that has to be one of the safest exits on the Belt Parkway. There is virtually no turning involved in order to get off and he has at least 400 feet to slow down after getting off. Perhaps he decided at the last possible second to exit. Driver inexperience must have played a part.

  2. lemme tell you what happened these bad boys smoked a blunt in the car while driving, and the teenage driver wants to impress the two hoes so he speeds it up, but sadly he is a dumbass

  3. Gotta love how dumb the people are who comment on here. I don’t see where this article states that it was a male driver, you’re all just assuming that because there were two women in the backseat. Naturally they must have been on the way to go have sex somewhere because 4 people could not possibly be in a car going somewhere with intentions other than those.

  4. Gotta love how dumb the people are who comment on here. I don’t see where this article states that it was a male driver, you’re all just assuming that because there were two women in the backseat. Naturally they must have been on the way to go have sex somewhere because 4 people could not possibly be in a car going somewhere with intentions other than those.

  5. Technically, they could have been Mormons on a mission to spread a Good Word (or whatever), but somehow I don’t think so.

  6. It says “the driver and two women in the car”. That sort of implies that the driver was something other than a woman. At least that is the way I read it.

  7. There is a slight curve coming of the ramp that high speed in a Chrysler Sebring with an inexperienced driver just cant handle. Look at the google map of the exit and you will see that its not straight.

  8. i would just like to say that the individual that past away was a really good friend of mine. and people that want to come out of no where and make accusations about smoking blunts and trying to impress hoes are truly disrespectful. This was someones child, someones best friend, someones brother. R.I.P. Devon

  9. Just passed that scene tonight, he wrecked way off the exit ramp – almost at the UA parking structure, so i’m puzzled how fast was he going to lose control and slide about 150 feet into a pole…

    Since we’re talking about crashes – guess no post about the wreck on Shore Blvd yesterday about 6:30pm’ish. Car parts thrown from Dover to Beaumont Streets, 4 parked cars smashed up and something resembling a car in the middle…anyone knows more?

  10. To all narrow minded, disrespectful people…. When you do not know the facts of a story it is always wise to SHUT UP. These are intelegent college students who just left their homes to go to the movies. From an accurate account. The turn was misaveraged, as experienced drivers mentioned below. A lack in knowlege of the area led to a last minute decision of turning. May Devon’s soul rest in peace. And may this never happen to you those of you who have nothing but Asinine coments..

  11. i just have to correct all of you idiots posting your comments with out knowing the whole story. No they were not hoes and no they were not drunk or high maybe next time you try to criticized someone with out knowing the actions look at yourself first because you “GUYS” are not perfect yourself! These people are young intelligent college students and good kids. YOU BUNCH OF A____HOLES!!!

  12. May someone at least learn something from this very unfortunate incident. It is always better to miss your exit than make a last second decision to turn. Something I learned early on in Drivers Ed. New drivers take heed.

  13. Tell them my friend. They have nothing to do and all day to do it. I guess they are now biting their tongue. It is unfortunate that we have HUMANS if I may call them that. Who do not process thoughts before they empty their their little brain.

  14. i am sure that if we look at medical records of all the people from that night, we’ll find traces of either alcohol in their blood, THC, or Uppers. including Cocain, which happens to be very popular around Teens now a days.

    as for you, we don’t know who you are, you sound like you live in GB and say the kids there are angels.

  15. As for Car Accidents and a way to avoid them, here’s a video that should Straighten you the fuck out, Just make sure your aware, it’s REALLY GRAPHIC!

  16. Do you know how the other victims are doing? Unfortunately the media never follows-up on such incidents.

  17. Sooo are you saying this happened while the driver was intoxicated from drinking? it’s the only one you didn’t list…. soo that Quickly implies.

  18. Shadowlock: First you should join the other IDIOTS who just open their mouth and allow garbage to fall out. FYI the autopsy results show ZERO alcohol or drugs. Check the other coments below. I pray that this never happen to one of yours. You are a judgemental *********

  19. lets look at the facts.

    Driver Age 19. with Passengers in car. accident happened around 1:30am.. What does that tell you? They were probably coming back from a party or they picked up some drugs with some women to go and do the drugs at there private space.

    alot of things can be thought up here, no way in hell are we going to assume these people are Normal World of Warcraft players who were driving home from there Blizzcon convention and hit a bump and this happened.

  20. I like how you start by saying you want to look at facts, list two facts that mean nothing, then launch into two paragraphs of speculation and assumptions.

    ShadowLock – I value what you bring to most conversations. But it’s no one’s place to be speculating about things like this other than the detectives involved. We’ll report what we know when we know it. Otherwise, I advise everyone here to be respectful of those who passed – in this case and every other case I report on.

  21. Here you are right sir, Perhaps i am being a bit Judgmental. however i am just calling how i see it. you know i was 19 also, and i remember being 19 quite well….

    Getting pissed drunk in jersey while living in Brooklyn….. Driving home after drinking 2 and half bottles of vodka was an experience i’ll never forget….. however i didn’t have anyone in the car except my friend. and because of him we made it home safe and sound cause he kept yelling at me if the car went over 50mph

  22. no the driver wasnt intoxicated either but when you don’t know the facts about something, i don’t think you should make any comments except to show respect or some kind of remorse because that was someones life.

  23. first off you don’t know that this was just an accident. i happened to know everyone in that car, and TRUST they are good intelligent college students. accusations are something you should make when you have something to go off of. I’m sure you didn’t know them, so stop talking sh*t about them because once again, this is not something you would want to happen to you or anyone else that you know. I’m pretty sure you would not be pleased to know that if this happened to you or anyone else that you know, and to know people are posting stuff like this

  24. very ignorant to say, if u wanna know so much, look it up, ask the cops for a follow up. sittin at ur desk or wherever u are saying whatever u feel like sayin, if it were u or your family u wouldnt have anything to it.

  25. Lets look at the facts.

    Driver age 19 with passenger in the car, accident happened on an exit to sheeps head bay movie theater, where they were probably going to the movies?, what you probably don’t know there was and oil spill in that area, followed by rain the previous night or something like that. Could have possibly be a freak accident, sure lack of experience may definitely be the cause but to automatically claim Drugs, and alcohol, and convict these kids as anything but unfortunate just isn’t right

    Please The lack of compassion and respect that some people have is absolutely appalling. as someone said these are someones Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers etc. Rather than Disrespecting the life lost, and the lives that were spared (only by the grace of god) you should appreciate your own life and that you are in good health, and don’t believe the media, because its there job to make a story something interesting.

    P.S I’ve seen the medical records so go play your world of warcraft, and maybe learn a bit more respect for your fellow human

  26. First off i am not talking shit, about anyone, Alright lets get that understood…

    I’m stating my opinions on this particular accident, I didn’t know i can’t state my opinions, was there a Rule i didn’t read about posting? no? Great 🙂 Move along… and don’t repeat others mistakes.

  27. I think they show this video in UK. cause thats where it was made if i’m not mistaken.

    But they SHOULD show it here! i agree!

  28. Is it only the knuckleheads that comment on here? There are no facts in this story that points to drugs.
    Has anyone ever served on a jury and listened to the judges instructions. Keyboard courage is cheap. I’m sure you’d never say these things if their family were around.
    Which I’m sure would lead to another story hitting Sheepsheadbites.

  29. Shadow we all were 19, you are no exception. Your friend yelled at you when you went over 50mph. In other words you were too intoxicated to drive, thus not only putting yourself in jeopardy but your friend and anyone else you passed on the road. I don’t know how old you are now but cant you see what the possibilities could have been?

  30. Your first sentence belongs where the sun don’t shine. Otherwise, I would hit the like.
    You do recognize yourself as one of the “dumb” people, at times. LOL


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