Family Of Light Holistic Center To Hold Open House This Saturday


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The Family of Light Holistic Center (717 Coney Island Avenue) is holding an open house this Saturday, September 13, from 10am to 5pm, during which time neighbors are invited to participate in a variety of events, including a free essential oils workshop. Additionally, those who attend will get 50 percent off aura and chakra photography and special one-day prices on packages for healing, yoga, and meditation.

The center’s owners, neighbors Alaknanda Nabar and Igor Cherski, told us there will be such open house specials as “unique 20 minute diagnostics and deep healings for chakra and aura alignment, physical conditions such as chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases, stress, arthritis,” and more.

To pre-register for the open house, please email [email protected] or call (347) 587-9344. For a full schedule of Saturday’s happenings, visit the center’s website.

Family of Light gift shop

Alaknanda and Igor opened the Family of Light Holistic Center last month, and the business is the culmination of years of practicing, and teaching, holistic lifestyles. Both came to be devotees of holistic healing because of their own struggles. Alaknanda began practicing reiki, meditation and more as a “last resort to overcome chronic fatigue, migraines, and the stress of a very busy life,” she told us. Igor, meanwhile, had “severe toxicity of the liver from childhood as a result of an incorrect diet and genetics,” the couple told us, which prompted him to start practicing meditation, reiki, and channeling.

“Brandon, our son, started practicing meditation by my side when he was two years old,” Alaknanda wrote to us. “At the age of 10 he is an usui master, practices yoga and knows how the GMOs and fast foods affect the body. He has 100% completely overcome allergies, a weak immune system, etc., that hampered his daily activities when he was a toddler.”

Alaknanda, who is originally from India, and Igor, who is from Belarus, started what evolved into the Family of Light Holistic Center in their living room eight years ago. At that time, the work they were doing mainly with friends quickly expanded, with holistic teachers from around the world traveling to work with them.

“The name, family of light, was given to us by friends because of the bright colors, warmth, and love that people experienced in our home,” Alaknanda wrote.

Family of Light studio

As the couple’s client list continued to grow, they realized they were going to need a larger space and began the search for a commercial home last spring.

“The center opened in record time – only two months after the lease was signed, and a complete gut renovation was completed,” Alaknanda said.

The couple said they’re hoping the center will play a large role in the life of their community, saying that they are “here to help people who are willing to work on themselves with the tools we give to make a change in health and life. We especially love having children because they are still in touch with their intuition and adapt to the holistic lifestyle very quickly.”

Photos courtesy Family of Light Holistic Center.

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