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Family Dollar Makes Its Mark On Nostrand Avenue


We reported about Dee & Dee closing in February. Then we reported in August that the space was being renovated and would become a Family Dollar. Now we’re reporting that the sign is hanging at the 3710 Nostrand Avenue storefront, and it looks like renovations are just about complete.

That’s a little thing called “follow-up,” folks.

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  1. Uh oh – chain dollar stores. Could a Dollar General be far away? Nostrand Ave is going to look like cookie-cutter American strip mall routes. Brooklyn, New York meets Wahoo, Nebraska.

    Not only are we becoming more and more like the Big Middle of America everyday in terms of what passes for Big America High End Eating (Applebees) but now we’re getting the REALLY low hanging fruit. And yet if a White Castle opened up, we’d be called the ghetto. I’d rather have the White Castle.

  2. is there any way the mom and pops can survive in brooklyn??i dont see it,i cant think of 1 thats thriveing…really sucks when the only small businesses left are plumbers and whatever hands on business out there

  3. it makes no sense to have 3 dollar discount stores 100 feet from eachother ….. there is already a 99 cents store directly across the street and one 4 stores down from it.. its rediculous,, just like the bank they are building on ave u across the street from Madees.. there is roosevelt bany and national valley bank on the next corner.. 

  4. If you people get this far there was a White Castle on Nostrand Avenue near the junction.  However, I noticed it is now gone.  I wonder why?  It was next to the McDonald’s where the shooting was a few weeks ago.

  5. Family Dollar is not a 99 cents store.They have great products like coffee makers, small appliances, towels,cosmetics,cereals and other foods.Their prices are excellent.
    They are a welcome addition to any neiborhood.

  6. Or just watch these businesses struggle to stay in the black.  Not too many thriving stores this end of Nostrand. If I frequent four stores between Kings Highway and Avenue Z,  I might be exaggerating. Between rents, theft and a new bus lane good luck to what is there.


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