Eyesore Or Post-Modernist Triumph? You Be The Judge

Eyesore Or Post-Modernist Triumph? You Be The Judge
colorful building-7
Bright colors at 722 Coney Island Avenue. (Photo: Sarah Crean)

Coney Island Avenue just got a little more colorful but not everyone’s happy about it.

On the west side of Coney Island Avenue, not far from the corner of Cortelyou Road, a four-story building painted  brilliant colors of green, yellow, red and blue stands out amongst its brick and neutral-colored neighbors. You can see the building from blocks away.Built in 1925, the building seems to have an interesting history. It is classified as “commercial, old code” by the Department of Buildings, but current work permits indicate that at least one floor had been used for residential purposes and is now being converted back to commercial.

We had no luck reaching the owner of the building, but we would love to know what inspired the powerful colors, and the wide, defiant stripes.

Not everyone loves the colors. One neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote to us, saying:

“Finally after all these years I have a lovely balcony in which to enjoy my morning coffee and nightly wine and the flight path… And now this monstrosity..ruining the monotone perfection of my horizon gaze….Is this allowed? What if everyone in the neighborhood suddenly felt the urge to paint their places like fruit striped gum?”

How do you feel about these bright, dominant colors now showing up in the Kensington skyline? Should property owners be restricted in how they paint the exteriors of their buildings?


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