Extra Pre-Passover Trash Pick-Ups Scheduled For CB 12 & CB 14

Source: Flickr/jpotisch
Source: Flickr/jpotisch

Councilman David G. Greenfield, Community Boards 12 and 14, and the Sanitation Department have collaborated to create a more robust garbage collection schedule in anticipation of the eight-day Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins Friday, April 22.

The modified garbage collection will include the following measures:

  • DSNY is already picking up bulk items and will continue to do so until Erev Pesach on April 22. DSNY is asking everyone who has bulk items to begin placing them outside for collection as early as possible.
  • The entire district will get a recycling pickup on April 21 (bedikas chametz night), starting at midnight and going until 8am Friday morning. Everyone should put out their recycling out on Thursday night.
  • The entire district will also receive a regular garbage pickup on Friday, April 22, from 6am until 2pm.

Additionally, all bulk items and cardboard boxes should be tied up and placed neatly at the curb. All mattresses and box springs must be entirely wrapped, preferably in store-bought bedbug bags or in plastic. If a mattress or a box spring is left outside unwrapped, it will not be collected and a $100 fine may be issued to the household responsible. Electronic items may not be left out at all – instead, they should be delivered to a drop-off point located at 19th Avenue and 56th Street.

“I want to thank Community Board 12 and Community Board 14, particularly Barry Spitzer, Yidel Perlstein, Shawn Campbell, Kalman Yeger, and Alvin Berk for their leadership and hard work to ensure that our communities will be able to enjoy a safe and pleasant holiday,” said Greenfield. “I would also like to thank the Sanitation Department and the Fire Department for working with us on this undertaking.”

A Chametz (bread) burning schedule has also been approved by the Fire Department (FDNY). The pre-Passover ritual, which will occur on Friday morning, must be completed by 11:34am. For the safety of the community, the fire department will strictly enforce this 11:34am curfew.

A few more pre-Passover fire safety tips from the FDNY:

  • Only Chametz should be burned.
  • Chametz should not be enclosed in silver wrap when it is burned, nor should any flammable or combustible items, be burned.
  • No liquid accelerants should be used to ignite fires, nor should such products be thrown into any fires, as these items have caused serious accidents in past years.
  • Fires may only be carried out at approved sites.

Community board officials commended the city agencies for working together to accommodate Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish population.

“I would like to thank all the city agencies, organizations and elected officials for taking part in this important meeting. It is only because of their hard work and dedication that Erev Pesach has become a day that the community can safely practice their religious customs,” said CB 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein.

“We greatly appreciate Councilman Greenfield’s effort to ensure that the Flatbush-Midwood community is included in this important program,” added CB 14 Chairman Alvin Berk.


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