Exposed D Train Columns Making Merchants, Residents Anxious

Destructive, dirty, deserted and downright delirious. These could soon become the adjectives most commonly used to describe the MTA’s execution of construction plans for the elevated D Train in Borough Park.

NY1 is reporting that exposed columns, which were excavated for maintenance that began in 2009, are quickly becoming a cause for concern among both merchants and residents along New Utrecht Avenue.

“They dug down to make it stronger and it’s just sitting here, so it  looks weaker.  The trains are coming here all day every day so I’d say  it’s not a safe situation,” one resident told NY1. “Every time I come here it’s the same situation.  The safety barriers here, but I haven’t seen a worker here in months.”

Local City Councilman David Greenfield was also interviewed for the television segment. He says the holes around the columns are filled with litter and even rats. He also said that the parking lost by the construction is hurting neighborhood businesses.

“It’s absurd.  The  MTA came in with a project that they were going to reinforce the stands  that keep the train up in the air and what they’ve actually done is the  opposite.  It’s a litter hazard because we see rats crawling around  there and worst part for local businesses around there it takes up  dozens of parking spaces,” Councilman Greenfield told a NY1 reporter.

The MTA responded to the local cable news channel, saying that the holes are part of a scheduled rehabilitation of 12 stations on the elevated portion of the line. The agency said that the structural integrity of the pillars is intact and it is scheduled to finish the work in early 2012.

Council David G. Greenfield represents the 44th Council District,  which includes Borough Park as well as parts of Midwood and Bensonhurst.

NY1: Exposed D Train Columns A Concern, Residents Say