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Explore The Waterfront While Cycling

2nd Annual Brooklyn Waterfront Epic Ride (Graphic Courtesy of Transportation Alternatives)

How many of us have lived in Brooklyn almost all of our lives and still are not aware that there is accessible waterfront other than Sheepshead Bay? How many of us, thanks to storms that washed out a portion of it, just recently became aware of the fact that there is a well-trafficked bicycle path running through Sheepshead Bay?

Well, thanks to the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, the Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) Brooklyn Volunteer Committee, the Regional Plan Association (RPA), and the National Park Service (NPS) we can put two and two together this Sunday with a moderately-paced (12+ miles/hour) bike ride around the perimeter of Brooklyn’s waterfront. These groups have organized this great ride to highlight “the potential of a fully completed Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway”.

Space is limited, so if you didn’t get to sign up on time, you might want to head out to Sheepshead Bay on Sunday to cheer on the cyclists.

Here is some of the information compiled from the T.A. website and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative site :

2nd Annual Brooklyn Waterfront Epic Ride
Sunday, July 18, 2010 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Depart: Manhattan Avenue at Newtown Creek, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
End: Rockaway Taco on Rockaway Beach Blvd and Beach 96th Street

We will have brief stops at Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge and a refreshment stop at the Carnarsie Pier with an update on plans to complete the Jamaica Bay Greenway. After the ride feel free to enjoy the beach, hop on the A train back to Brooklyn, or ride back with volunteers along Flatbush Avenue, the most direct route back to northern Brooklyn.

Pre-register at [email protected]

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  1. * Important * readers wishing to sign up please send your name, phone number, email to the above mentioned email address for sign up.

    This info is posted on the event's main page. See you all there!

  2. Interesting they included the Boardwalk where cycling is allowed only between 5 and 9 AM (before the hours of the tour) but not the lightly used and unnecessary Oriental Blvd bike lane where cycling is always allowed. Shows how interested cyclists are in obeying the law.

  3. Yea, we're all foaming at the mouth criminals. People should just run us over with their cars to put us out of our misery!

  4. You know that's not what I meant. It's just that you would think a responsible cyclist organization would check out the laws before they propose something. They shouldn't have just assumed that cycling on the boardwalk was legal. That is if they even cared.

  5. Funny you should ask because I’m there at least three or four times a week. In late May I witnessed what you did with one exception. There were about a dozen bikers driving slow and respectfully and there weren’t that many pedestrians either. Personally I have no problem with that and think bicycles should be allowed on the boardwalk at all times (until the path on the sand is built) when it is not too crowded. I think the law should even be changed to allow for some discretion. However, how can we except cyclists to use discretion, when the police are not even smart enough to use discretion?

    On the particular day I mentioned (and this is the exception) there was one police car (who shouldn’t even have been on the boardwalk because of its weight since there was no emergency) who was stopping every cyclist and delaying each one for five minutes to perform a background check because we know that many cyclists are terrorists, and then telling them to walk their bikes when they were posing no hazard at all.

    After one cyclist was let go with a warning, he got back on his bike and drove away. The police were so infuriated that they took off after him on a low speed chase endangering more pedestrians than any of the cyclists did. He must have been summoned or arrested when they caught up with him.

    Nevertheless, my previous post still stands. As long as that law is on the books and is posted at the entrances to the boardwalk, they should not be advocating breaking the law.

  6. When was the last time you were at the boardwalk, huh? Because the last time I was there, about a week ago, there were hundreds of bikers going this way and that, myself included, and the police were right there watching us, driving in their cars and their atv's, and no one was bothered. The bikers were all going slow and respectfully, enjoying the weather, and being real careful around the pedestrians.

  7. I love riding my bicycle, but I have to agree that most bicyclists don't obey the rules specifically designated to them. For instance, the majority of bicyclists don't walk their bikes over the marine parkway bridge when it explicity says to do so. Its really narrow for two bikes to pass, so its clear why the rule exists. I wonder if they'll be riding over it during this event.

  8. After watching some youtube vid of last year's ride, it doesn't look like they did get off to walk across the marine parkway bridge. Someone posted a “helmet-cam” vid, and you can see that they a few of them were riding over the bridge.

    Looks like fun if you had a Sunday to waste. 5 hours to go 12 miles, then another few hours to get back home.

  9. I remember riding/walking my bike over that bridge when I was a teenager. In those days there was no railing and fishing was allowed. My brother in law ended up with a fish hook in his arm. He survived after a visit to the doctor and an unscheduled tetanus shot.

  10. I crossed that bridge with my bike recently, and I walked. Its up to each individual to be responsible and follow the rules, you cant paint any group with a broad brush.

    I have to agree, the fishermen on that bridge were very hazardous. Another place they still congregate is the promenade between caesar's bay and the Verazzano. I dont take my kids there because Im afraid of one of them having a similar hook incident. Fishermen should be able to fish, but not where there are tons of pedestrians.

  11. Mainly because its so narrow a passage. I think that affects judgement. I've seen fisherman on wider walkways and it seemed like they were able to be more careful when casting.

  12. I am curious as to whether the set up for this will include their by-passing the undermined and washed out and never repaved segment of the bike path along Plumb Beach. Some people still slog through it, some people walk, and I've seen some actually carry their bikes on their shoulders.

  13. * Update….I came back from this ride, and I can attest to the fact that we did not use the boardwalk, and when we wern't on designated bike paths we rode in the street with traffic. The part of the ride that bypassed the boardwalk was riden on Neptune/Emmons Ave.

    Back to the discussion, I agree with you in principle that all laws and rules should be obeyed, but one thing I learned from a great law teacher is that a law only exists in reality when it is enforced. Sporadic and inconsistent enforcement of the no riding rule on the boardwalk is the reason so many do it. I think you can agree with that.

  14. I'm glad you enjoyed your ride. I don't bike ride anymore for personal reasons. What I can't understand is why you didn't use the designated bike paths? I used to be terrified to ride in traffic. You mean you didn't even use the Ocean Parkway path?

  15. We did use designated pike paths, but they wernt always available on our route, such as from Caesar's Bay to the end of Emmons Ave. Its a “waterfront” bike ride, so no, we didnt use ocean pkwy.

  16. And BTW, the Neptune / Emmons Ave route we took is technically a bike path, but certainly a feeble one. Up in the Greenpoint / Williamsburgh sections there is a green painted very bold bike path right along the street, cannot be missed. The same cannot be said on Neptune / Emmons.

  17. I know the Neptune path is all worn out and needs repainting, but I don't believe there is one on Emmons. I've never seen one. I used the shore path once and was annoyed that I had to ride in traffic to get to and from it, the major reason why I didn't use it again.


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