Experts Fix Your Broken iPhone At Zeetron’s Coney Island Avenue Storefront (SPONSORED)

This is a sponsored post for Zeetron Corporation, a phone repair and service center in the heart of Sheepshead Bay. Zeetron provides its customers with expert repair services for a wide variety of cellular phones, specializing in Apple iPhones, as well as inexpensive parts for all the latest models, and do-it-yourself kits.

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There is a famous Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” While the adage, attributed to Lao Tzu, was conceived of in the sixth century, it is a timeless axiom for the modus operandi that places Zeetron — Sheepshead Bay’s one-stop cell phone repair shop — in a class by itself.

It’s only been a little more than a dozen years since many of us started carrying cell phones, so it’s no surprise that we may forget there’s a phone in our back pocket until it’s too late, and the splash of the toilet tips us off, followed by the inevitable string of expletives at having submerged our brand new $399 iPhone 4S in the bottom of the bowl.

That’s where Zeetron comes in.

Seizing upon a niche in the marketplace, Yuriy Gutkin, the precocious entrepreneur who co-owns Zeetron with Azhdar Ragimov, predicts, “In the next five to 10 years, cell phones are going to become everything.”

“Toward the future, everybody’s going mobile,” Gutkin says. “Everybody’s got a cell phone — whether it’s a smart phone or not — cell phones are the biggest thing people are using,” and because they “are being made with glass screens, and touch screens, they are liable to break.”

Servicing and repairing them, he says, is “pretty much our goal.”

Whether your iPhone’s glass screen cracks on the steps while you’re running to catch the B train, or your Blackberry goes ker-plop in the toilet bowl, Zeetron technicians focus on repairing your phone, or giving you the tools to do it yourself.

Founded by Gutkin in his garage, much like the late Steve Jobs, whose innovative inventions Gutkin helps repair, Zeetron conducted the lion’s share of business over the website until, he recalled, “Our customers started saying ‘Hey, we don’t want to wait a couple of days until you guys fix it, and then a couple of days in the mail — we’d rather come in and get it done on the spot.’”

And so, given the demand, the store on Coney Island Avenue was born.

“They can just come in, drop their phone off and, within 20 minutes to half an hour, their phone is done, while they wait,” Gutkin says. “They don’t have to go to Apple, they don’t have to go to Motorola, or Blackberry. That’s our goal — to have it serviced right away. So that customers can walk out, the same day, with their phone looking and working brand new.”

They even offer a complementary bottle of water to customers while they wait. And while Zeetron does sell an impressive cornucopia of cell phone-related accoutrements, Gutkin and Ragimov are quick to point out that they are, by no means, a cell phone store.

“The whole goal was to not show ourselves to the customer as this place where you come in and you have to sign a cell phone contract, or you have to buy an accessory for $40. That’s what cell phone stores do — they sell accessories and they open up contracts. We don’t want to do that,” Gutkin explains.

With merchandise ranging as low at $2.49, Zeetron sells easy-to-use tools and accessories for just about every iPhone model imaginable, as well as iPods, iPads, Blackberries, Sony PSPs, HTCs, Nokias, Nintendos, Samsungs, Motorolas and more.

They offer easy-to-follow “How To” videos, with step-by-step instructions, on their website and, if you don’t think you’re tech-savvy enough to do the delicate repair work yourself, you can bring your damaged device to Zeetron and “Mike the Tech” will repair it himself. Repairs start for as little as $29, which beats having to fork over hundreds of dollars for a brand new smartphone.

And while Zeetron does not guarantee that you’re not going to accidentally drop your HTC in your little sister’s goldfish bowl, or not let your iPhone get run over by a car on Sheepshead Bay Road, you can guarantee that, when you bring your damaged device in to Zeetron for repair, your phone will come out looking and working as good as new.

Zeetron, 2765 Coney Island Avenue between Avenue Y and Avenue Z; (855) ZEETRON / (855) 933-8766;

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