Event Planner Infuses Elegance With Social Responsibility (Sponsored)

Enchanted by Karmisha, is an Event Planning Company that specializes in coordinating an array of uplifting and energetic events for our prospective clientele.

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Karmisha has an acute and innovative mind that brings a fresh perspective to the world of event management. She is passionate about events and ensuring the best results for her clients. She believes in grassroots marketing and never shy away from the surmountable task of any event that is undertaken. Some of her best work was performed while working with various levels of government, from community engagement, non-profit organizations, church institutions, and private individuals alike.

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Karmisha also creates events that are empowering, encouraging and enchanted because in your dreams every detail matters.

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Enchanted by Karmisha
T: (718) 581-3863

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