Eugene Glebov, Brighton Beach Lifeguard, Lost To Sea

Tragedy struck the family of Yevgeniy “Eugene” Glebov, a 29-year-old Brighton Beach lifeguard found dead in the waters off the Rockaways yesterday. He was discovered by a tugboat crew after he disappeared setting off on a lone fishing trip this past Friday.

Glebov, a Staten Island native, was an avid spear fisherman who was known for his daring technique, which consisted of wading into rough waters without an air tank to hunt giant bass. An expecting father, Eugene planned to give up his dangerous hobby once his baby was born.

Eugene’s bravery in the sea extended beyond his fishing trips and into his summer job.

“Two weeks ago, he rescued a girl . . . stuck in a fishing net,” his devastated father told the Post. “We were hoping for a miracle. We were really hoping he would be found alive.”

“The baby will be named after him: Eugenia. He was excited to be a father,” added Eugene’s cousin, Anna. “He wanted to drop his passion for a new passion.”