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Madison H.S. Teacher Accused Of Sex, Smoking Pot With Student

Madison H.S. (Source:

A 36-year-old Madison High School teacher stands accused of having sex with a 16-year-old pupil on and off school grounds, as well as sharing marijuana with the youth.

The charges were revealed yesterday when a lawyer for the student’s family filed a $10 million notice of claim, charging that teacher Erin Sayar had sex with a 16-year-old she privately tutored between eight and 12 times last year, and also offered him pot from a stash kept on school grounds.

New York Post reports:

Sayar arranged to tutor the boy twice a week in her office, but one day last November the boy’s girlfriend spotted them flirting and got suspicious, the sources said.

The girl hacked the teen’s Facebook account and found messages to Sayar that said, “i love you so much” and “I always loved you, since last year.”

Sayar responded, “oh no – I’m not putting myself out there again. I made that mistake last night and you couldn’t handle it.”

But she gave the teen her cell number and ordered him to delete their exchanges, the report said.

The girl turned the messages over to school officials, and her boyfriend admitted to investigators he had sex with Sayar eight to 12 times.

In one midnight rendezvous, she came to his house and picked him up in her SUV.

“Eventually, they began kissing and then engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex inside the SUV,” the report said, adding that the boy described tattoos on intimate parts of Sayar’s body.

Sayar has taught at James Madison High School (3787 Bedford Avenue) since 2000 and was reassigned in January. School investigators have recommended she be fired, and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is now handling the case.

The charges are the latest in a series of sex scandals at the school that have emerged since 2009, and for which the city’s tabloids have dubbed the school “Horndog High.”

Here’s a round up some of the sex-related cases to have emerged since 2009:

  • Two female teachers – Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito – were allegedly caught naked in a lesbian romp on school grounds in November 2009. It was after hours, but students were in the school’s auditorium for a talent show. The teachers claimed one was giving the other an insulin shot, not in the midst of a tryst. Both teachers were investigated and at least one was fired.
  • Social studies teacher Allison Musacchio, 31, was caught in December 2009 with more than 200 calls and texts to a male student on her cell phone record. Musacchio denied the allegations.
  • Assistant Principal Michael Edelman was accused of sexual harassment in December 2009. The case was investigated by Education Department’s Office of Equal Opportunity.
  • A female gym teacher at Madison was accused of “feeling up” a 14-year-old girl in February 2010. The student was not enrolled at Madison High School, but attended private Poly Prep Country Day School, where Guttilla was a part-time volleyball coach.
  • Finally, the NY Post notes another case, in which English teacher Craig Roffman was fired and arrested after thousands of kiddie-porn images were found on his home computer.
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  1. (Going to go off topic a bit and talk about this guys girlfriend who “hacked” his facebook to get evidence that her boyfriend and Sayar were performing sexual acts) 

    The writers at the New York Post are morons. She did not hack his facebook. She 
    1. Guessed his password 

    2. Knew his password

    3. Sent a password recovery notifcation to his email. Then she went to his email and answered whatever stupid security question he picked. Anyone in a relationship long enough can answer most of the dumb security questions. And then got onto his Facebook. 

    (Tip: Pick an obscure security question which only you can answer)

    4. He left himself logged in on one of her computers. (Log Off)

    (Tip: Never forget to log off on someones computer.)

    (Tip 2: Don’t log onto any public computer. You don’t know if someone installed a key logger onto it.)

    Using any of these ways to get into someones facebook is not considered hacking. They are all fair game. If she did hack his facebook, she would be facing a felony 

  2. Normally you’d be correct, however as of late the term “hack” has been used to imply “accessing information without the owners permission” whatever the means where. It doesn’t matter if she KNEW the password. 

    That point aside, hacking doesn’t have to be sophisticated or involve viruses either, it could be as simple is taking advantage of lax security measures, which password recovery is. 

    Now, all those points taken care of. Jeezus I gotta go back to HS.

  3. This is gonna be controversial but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway. Presuming this relationship began when the student was 17 years old I don’t think it’s criminal. She shouldn’t be jailed or prosecuted. Isn’t 17 the age of consent in NY? We charge minors much younger then that as adults when committing violent crimes…yet they get a pass when the crime involves sex?

    This 17 year old student knew exactly what he was doing. He’s just as complicit as her. Unless she blackmailed him with good grades or some shtick like that then they are both equally guilty. 

    What she did is deserving of her loosing her job and license to teach, not her liberty and freedom. Those parents are jackasses for suing for that much money, especially when I wouldn’t be surprised if the father is proud of his son. We all know the double standard our society has in situations like these.

    Edit: I’ll add another thought here. Perhaps we should stop putting teachers so young in High Schools to begin with. The smaller the gap between Teacher and Student the more likely they are to ignore social stigma and engage in illicit relationships. How many HS students are gonna be attracted to some 45/50 year old teacher unless she looks like Elizabeth Hurley?

  4. He was 16.

    And speaking of double standards, I was appalled as an editor to see this minor’s name published in the NY Post in relation to this. Not only is it against traditional journalism ethics, but I really have to wonder if they would have published the name if the student was female.

  5. The NYPost is a gossip blog. Not a credible source of news. They don’t have to meet up to “traditional journalism ethics.”

  6. Turns out this “minor” is my friends little brother. Oh how I miss you Madison haha.

  7. I don’t want to do anything to defend the Post, but….since the Parents are suing isn’t the name already public record? Once a name has been released even if it’s a minor doesn’t it become fair game to be repeated? Doesn’t the Daily News article also have his name?

    I support the ethics of not releasing their names if they aren’t already public, but once they are aren’t they fair game?

    Aaand if he was indeed 16 when the relationship started, well then yea she broke the law. It seems a bit arbitrary to draw the line there, if you’re fine with 17 why not 16, but it has to be drawn somewhere.

  8. Why is it necessary to include the accusations against Madison staff that have been cleared? Mr. Michael Edelman was not found guilty of sexual harassment and has been dragged into far too many stories of this sort against people who have been found guilty. 

    I was a student of Ms. Sayar’s, and I was shocked and upset when I heard this news. I hope a jury will be able to uncover the truth and deliver justice for all involved (and I have no idea if she is guilty or not). Her career is ruined regardless of whether or not she’s guilty, while that principal in the Bronx who had allegedly had sex with a copy machine is still in a leadership position in the same school and still pulling in 25% more than Ms. Sayar is. 

  9. I wasn’t even 21 when I began my brief teaching career, and I had a student less than 90 days younger than me. There are students who are attracted to fugly old teachers. People are attracted to competence and confidence and they enjoy feeling paid attention to and learning something. Students who had crushes on me had nothing to do with me, and the vast majority of young teachers avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Shut the hell up about careers you know nothing about – I don’t tell you how to drive a cab.

  10. Arthur, that is akin to the incident where some thoughtless NYPD spokesperson said that women should stop dressing so provocatively to avoid getting raped.

    There are quite a few “Mrs. Robinsons” in the teaching profession. This woman is 36, that’s older than you are by some years. I’ll conjecture that there are women teachers in the their late forties that have engaged in such behavior.

    The younger female teachers are less likely to be interested in young male students. Their teenage years are still somewhat recent memories. Easier to forget how awkward teenagers are when you get into 30s.

  11. I think I might of broke a world record in Madison,I sexed almost every girl worth sexing in 93 and teachers until I went to Kingsborough…much respect lil dude.

  12. What happen to our school we were a blue ribbon school. I guess when they rezoned the school in 2002 it started to suck and all the people from bensonhurst stopped going.

  13. The Daily News said she was married with a child too.  This is very bad on many fronts.  The 16 year old should not be patted on the back and the teacher needs to go to jail.  So sad.

  14. It is considered sexual harassment to inform your employees of your sexploits, at the very least. 

  15. I’m not telling you how to teach either, but we’re both here to share my opinions. I said “perhaps we should”, not “We need to start”. It was a thought. A theoretical possibility. I wasn’t attacking your profession and you know it. I do think however that the concept bares, at the very least, discussion. 

    Teens in our society are increasingly becoming hypersexualized like never before. The generation that came just a decade before (arguably ours) is also more aggressive then those that came before them. 

    The vast majority of these young teachers will know better. We KNOW that. But it seems to be we have an increasing amount of teachers that don’t. This one in particular was unwise as all hell. She started an affair with a student, knowing full well the spotlight was already on Madison for the shenanigans there the last few years. Maybe its the media’s fault but we seem to hear more of these cases every year. Does it correlate to younger teachers teaching older students? Fuck if I know but it would make an interesting study.

    It also seems a bit more logical to me that a teaching career would follow a progression teaching the young at first and transitioning into teaching older students as the teachers become older and more experienced themselves. Maybe that’s Mr Feeny’s fault though.

    One final thought. You should be ashamed of your kneejerk reaction. Your first priority should be to the students and their education, not your career. Does it matter where you teach for the next few years so long as you’re teaching and have a stable job? No. You became a teacher to impart knowledge and enlighten the future generation right? That should be the top goal, period. Everything else is a silly distraction.

  16. How do the two things equate at all? The student is supposed to be the victim, not the teacher. My comment more accurately equates to “Don’t put the shark in the minnow pool”. The students aren’t to blame here they are just being themselves as well they should be. 

    The rape statement tries to assign blame to the victim, my thought does no such thing.

  17. Michael Edelman, the English AP, has been in trouble with his sexual remarks/innuendos made to female staffers for at least 15 years and yet he remains in his position.  Why is there a double standard with regard to administrators vs. teachers?  As a teacher I am appalled that a “colleague” could sink so low as to have any kind of inappropriate contact with a student but principals and assistant principals in the NYC system get away with much worse.

  18. “It also seems a bit more logical to me that a teaching career would follow a progression teaching the young at first and transitioning into teaching older students as the teachers become older and more experienced themselves.”

    There are elementary school licenses and adolescent ed licenses because the two age groups are extremely different developmentally. Teaching literacy skills to a 5-year-old is intensely different from teaching literacy skills to a 15-year-old. Even if they are both starting from scratch (which the latter is less likely to do), they will be motivated by different things, wish to communicate different ideas, and disciplined in an entirely different way. A 5-year-old might want to read Goodnight Moon, but an illiterate 15-year-old would only be put off by it unless it was framed differently. 

    The majority of the other scandals that occurred there were from teacher-on-teacher actions, not teacher-on-student.  

    I am no longer a teacher and I am still not ashamed of my “kneejerk” reaction. I felt that I was an effective educator as an extremely young person because I knew exactly what my students were interested in and was better able to create engaging lesson plans as a result. I became a teacher to create lifelong readers and writers, and for a variety of reasons that are not your concern, I felt I was best able to do this with high schoolers. 

    Education policy in America has been influenced and implemented by enough people who have no experience in front of a blackboard to the detriment of our young people.  

  19. You miss the point. The rape statement shows ignorance of what motivates rapists. The statement you made shows ignorance of the actual nature of these incidents. A young teacher is no more likely to be a party in such a circumstance as an older one, maybe less so.

  20. I think that what this woman did was disguisting. Moreover, these people who post here saying that they wished that they would be raped by attractive women is just the sign of the times in Sheepshead Bay and our city. Where these Russians laugh at Arabs and Muslims for being religous. Also, these social deviants of park slope, Dumbo and the like laugh at religous Jews for their customs against women. These women are sodom and gomorah, they do to teenage boys, what good old whitey did to them. We have come a long way as has the women’s lib. Maybe this woman deserved to get beat up at home by her lawyer husband a little, no but that in New York City would be the worst possible crime against humanity. Theses type of women comingle with blacks and other punks, who commit the most aggregious crimes in NYC. Stop giving these young bitches these jobs. 

  21. Youtu, in ny the age of consent is 17. To buy alcohol it’s 21. To vote, it’s 18 years old. Confusing isn’t it. ?

  22. Such a typical woman thing to say…..

    blaming the woman for following her heart or whatever…

    when i went to Madison i had a crush on a few English teachers, if i was only that lucky… :/ 


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