Entire Clinton Hill Block Omitted From Voter Rolls

Entire Clinton Hill Block Omitted From Voter Rolls
PS 11 (Courtesy of Google Maps)
PS 11 (Courtesy of Google Maps)

A whole block of Clinton Hill was prevented from voting today, according to a poll worker.

Alexandra Leon of DNAInfo had the scoop:

At least seven voters who live on Lafayette Avenue and were assigned to vote at P.S. 11 in Clinton Hill, at 419 Waverly Ave., did not show up on the list and had to cast their vote by filling out an affidavit, poll workers said.
“Over the course of the day we had quite a few residents of the Lafayette Avenue area who came looking to vote and for some reason their addresses were omitted from the voter registration lists,” said a poll worker who did not want to be identified because she called in sick from work to be at the polling site.
“They were pretty active voters, so it was pretty disappointing for them during a key time and a key period to not be able to officially cast their vote in a machine today.”
The issue seemed to affect residents who live in election districts 34 and 35, which includes addresses between 282 and 382 Lafayette Avenue, according to P.S. 11 election coordinator Denise Ajayi.
Some residents who live on Clinton and Washington avenues were also left off the voter roll for no apparent reason, according to poll workers.


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