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Enjoy An Austrian Meal At Werkstatt

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

There’s been a lot of hype around the opening of the new Austrian restaurant, Werkstatt at 509 Coney Island Avenue at the corner of Turner Place and we stopped by to try out the Weiner Schnitzel and other Austrian favorites being served up by chef Thomas Ferlesch.

If you can, definitely try to snag a seat in the back while the weather is still nice. The garage style doors open wide onto Turner Place and you can sit next to the wonderful flower boxes specially designed by Thomas. When the weather turns cold there is also a wood burning stove in the back room.

To start off, the appetizer list is full of interesting choices, including Pretzels ($9), Chicken Liver Terrine ($9), P.E.I Mussels ($12) and Brussels sprouts ($9).

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

We tried the Gebackene Champignons ($8), tasty fried mushrooms with a delicious dill tartar sauce, a great way to start the meal though they could use a kick of flavor.

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

There are several different types of Schnitzel ($15-17) available including Weiner, Chicken, Cod, and a vegan celery root option that we are definitely curious about. We had the traditional Weiner Schnitzel, which was perfectly pounded, fried, and served with several tart salads. The cucumber salad was our favorite.

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

We were particularly excited to try the Tender Braised Beef Guylash with Spatzle ($18) and it was the highlight of the meal. The large chunks of beef melted in our mouths and the thick brown sauce perfectly complimented the starchy, soft egg noodles.

Other more standard fare includes the the House Made Bratwurst ($13) and the Werkstatt Burger ($15), which comes with Rosti Potatoes and you can add a Bacon-onion marmalade for $1.50).

Portions were large and we took nearly half of our main dishes home with us.

Von Trapp Spritz (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)
Von Trapp Spritz (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)

To wash it down, there are a good selection of cocktails, as well as a great list of Austrian and German wines and beers. If you are looking for a unique drink, we suggest the Werkstatt ($11), which features Giffard Pamplemousse, Schofferhoffer grapefruit beer and sparkling wine. It’s a refreshing drink that makes us wish summer wasn’t over.

Another great choice is the Von Trapp Spritz ($12), which mixes Vodka, Giffard Pamplemousse, Contratto and a dash of sparkling wine. It’s a nice dry but strong drink.

Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner

A meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert and we recommend the Kaiserschmarrn ($7), which is a shredded pancake served with fresh fruit compote. The sweetness of the sugar covered pancake is balanced by the tartness of the fruit and it is a wonderful way to finish an evening. But make sure to share, this is not a small dish.

And finally, no Austrian meal is complete without a glass of Schnapps and Werkstatt has several choices ranging from $10-$13.

Overall, the food is well-crafted, the drinks are interesting, and one thing is for sure, you won’t go hungry at Werkstatt.

Werkstatt is located at 509 Coney Island Avenue at Turner Place and is open from 5pm to 11pm every day. 

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  1. Went there on a Friday night about a half hour before it started getting crowded. There were available tables. But then the crush arrived almost as a group. On a night like that don’t sit near the bar. Not to mention we waited more than a half hour for simple desserts after dinner and finally canceled them when none were forthcoming. I don’t expect to be rushed so I didn’t mind a few minutes for dessert but sitting at an empty table near the bar for a half hour while the patrons waiting for tables are giving us “looks” as if it was our fault is not comfortable. And when some high smart aleck patron asked us what we were doing that was the last straw. The food is as good as any other German/Austrian restaurant I’ve been in and I’ve been in a few. But I’ll take the “Black Forest” on Fulton Street in Fort Greene over all of them.

  2. Went there last night. Food was great, prices are reasonable for the portion size (the $9 pretzel is like four pretzels in one), and the service was solid. I shall return.

  3. Went on the early side last night and thought they did a very good job with the traditional cuisine. The house made apple strudel was a standout. There were lots of families, so seems appropriate for all kinds of patrons. I predict success for this place – and really nice upgrade for that corner.

  4. This comment came from a DPC reader: “Please indicate to the new owners that, by law, access must be given to allow persons w/disabilities; i.e., needing wheelchairs and scooters, entry to the restaurant. I have a friend who uses a scooter and unless access is there, we cannot enter.”


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