Ending The Year With A Donation? Support These Local Organizations

Bonnie Parade 2016 on Church Avenue (Photo courtesy Bonnie Youth Club)
Bonnie Parade 2016 on Church Avenue (Photo via Bonnie Youth Club)

If you’re thinking of ending 2016 with a charitable donation, there are many groups doing great work in our area. From tenants’ rights to youth baseball teams, check out this list of 14 + organizations that support our neighbors and improve our community. If there are other local groups you’ll be contributing to, let us know! You can comment below or email us at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

The Bonnie Youth Club has for more than 60 years been an all-volunteer group that serves more than 400 local youth, most of whom come from economically disadvantaged families, through baseball training and educational opportunities. “I love helping the kids develop their ability to reason,” said manager Jose Castro, “like stealing a base, catching a pop-up, or problem-solving.” Making a tax deductible donation to help this neighborhood gem keep supporting kids.

CaribBEING, started by neighbor Shelley Worrell, is a multidisciplinary nonprofit dedicated to illuminating the Caribbean experience, and its impact in New York City and Diaspora communities, through film, art, culture, and more. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

CAMBA has since 1977 helped thousands of New Yorkers annually in the areas of economic development, family support services, HIV/AIDS services, legal services, education and youth development, and housing services and development. From its food pantry, which gave out hundreds of Thanksgiving meals and serves more than 4,300 neighbors a month, to employing local youth, the nonprofit has a ton happening in our area. See the great stuff CAMBA clients will receive thanks to your generous donation – and then give it! – here.

Neighbors waiting on CAMBA's turkey line, 2015. (Photo courtesy CAMBA)
Neighbors waiting on CAMBA’s turkey line, 2015. (Photo courtesy CAMBA)

Compost for Brooklyn keeps a garden on the corner of Newkirk Avenue and E 8th Street, and is dedicated to ecological restoration, composting, and green education in our neighborhood. Learn how to make a tax-deductible donation to help support their eco-friendly and educational efforts here.

COPO works from their Coney Island Avenue office to assist low-income immigrant families in our area, helping them reach their full potential as New Yorkers and stand up for the rights to which they’re entitled. They also aim to bridge gaps between Muslim and non-Muslim communities as well as government agencies. Learn why donating is good for you, then donate here.

D.R.U.M South Asian Organizing Center (formerly Desis Rising Up and Moving) is a multigenerational, member-led organization of low-wage South Asian immigrant workers and youth in New York City. They run programs for immigrant worker rights, social justice, human rights, and youth leadership development. This is a Jackson Heights based organization with outposts in Kensington. Invest in grassroots leadership and immigrant rights efforts here.

Arts & Democracy runs art and culture programs designed to connect artists and activists across cultural boundaries — including arts programming this year at Kensington’s Avenue C Plaza. Check out their diverse array of programs, workshops and events here. To make a year-end donation, click here.

Arts & Democracy and Adda Art at the Avenue C Plaza this summer. (Photo via Esther B Robinson)
Arts & Democracy and Adda Art at the Avenue C Plaza this summer. (Photo via Esther B Robinson)

We Are All Brooklyn is a Flatbush-based organization that trains community activists to address problems like gentrification, violence, and community building through partnership. They also provide fellowships and grants to Brooklyn-based organizations and individuals working to change the boro for the better. To learn more and make a year-end donation, click here.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees is a Flatbush-based non-profit that provides case management and financial assistance to more than 200 Brooklyn immigrants from Haiti, West Africa, and other Caribbean Islands. To make a tax-deductible donation and to learn how your contribution can make a difference in your neighbor’s lives, click here.

There are many religious organizations around the area that offer soup kitchens (as well as other services, like homeless shelters and GED or English Language classes) for our neighbors, including the Flatbush Reformed Church (718-284-5140), Our Lady of Refuge (718-434-2090 ), Flatbush-Tompkins (718-282-5353), and Immaculate Heart of Mary (718-871-1310). To donate, give them a call.

The Flatbush Development Corporation has since 1975 worked to improve our neighborhood through a huge number of programs addressing economic development, housing, youth, immigration, and much more. If you’ve ever enjoyed a day out at the Flatbush Frolic, spent time with your child at the Cortelyou Tot Lot, eaten amazing food during Cortelyou at Twilight, or enjoyed the festive holiday lights on Cortelyou Road – you’ve been able to do all of that because of the FDC. Help the FDC continue to support our neighborhood by going here to donate.

The Flatbush Tenant Coalition is made up of tenant associations from all over our area, empowering locals through education, legal services, mentorship programs, and more. Members of the coalition recently coordinated with Governor Cuomo’s office, leading to the subpoena of documents from Yeshaya Wasserman, a Brooklyn landlord alleged to be withholding repairs and overcharging tenants. See what your tax deductible donation will go toward, and help the group keep standing their ground here.

(Photo via Sarah Crean / Ditmas Park Corner)
(Photo via Sarah Crean / Ditmas Park Corner)

Masbia of Flatbush opened in November 2009 as part of the Met Council and UJA response to the economic crisis, which left many Brooklynites seeking food at soup kitchens. Known as the “free restaurant,” Masbia services a three-course meal five nights a week in a restaurant-like setting that offers neighbors privacy. To learn more and to donate, go here.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter that has been coming to the aid of local dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and reptiles since 1998. They care for and rehabilitate strays as well as surrendered animals, providing vet care and love for as long as they need. Besides volunteering, adopting, and giving your gently used linens to the shelter, you can make a tax-deductible donation here.

Additional reporting by Anna Gustafson.

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