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Emmons Avenue’s Newest Restaurant, Rocca, Now Open



It’s been a long journey, but Rocca Cafe & Lounge is finally open to the public at 2712 Emmons Avenue, the former site of Dunkin’ Donuts, which closed in 2009.

The revamped building is not only the latest restaurant to open on Emmons Avenue, but one of the few to take advantage of its waterfront location. With huge windows on the interior, and outdoor, waterside seating for fairer weather, it showcases the Bay with pride.

The restaurant has been in the works for years. We were the first to note, in 2010, that a new restaurant was coming here. At the time, it was to be a second location for Masal, currently in the Lundy’s building. Some squabbling led to changes in ownership – again and again – as well as a few different names. Superstorm Sandy hampered its opening further, but it’s finally here.

The restaurant is Turkish owned, but it looks like a number of Italian dishes are making its way onto the menu, and the owners have previously described it to us as pan-Mediterranean. Regardless, the location looks spiffy, and we’re looking forward to checking it out.

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  1. Finally someone’s appreciating the Bay’s beautiful views.
    TGI Friday also redesigned the place nicely.

  2. am i the only one that remembers when there was a taco bell on emmons, I believe on this site?

  3. That is in fact the exact spot. I even remember going there back in 97-98 and then eating some Taco Bell taco’s by the bay.

  4. How about Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips. I think they were on that spot
    a very long time ago. Anyone remember?

  5. Ate at Rocca’s on Friday. Food was fabulous. We shared salmon, mixed grill, babaganoush (outstanding), liver cubes and more. Can’t wait to go back!!!

  6. I think my wife had mentioned that Arthur Treachers was either where Baku Place is currently located or where La View is now located at the very end of Emmons just before the Knapp Street entrance onto the Belt Parkway.

  7. That avacado salad was awesome – enjoyed the bay for the first time and did not pay a hefty bill. Nice to see such elegant cafe’s on Emmons..

  8. It was right across the street from Roll n’ Roaster, where Il Fornetto is now. At the end of Emmons Ave. was an Italian restaurant, The Grotto D’ Oro. (I think that’s how it was spelled).


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