Emmons Ave. Parking Gets Bent

Parking on Emmons Ave in Sheepshead Bay

Maybe this guy doesn’t think acute angles are very cute. Or maybe his reaction to obtuse ones is, well, obtuse. Or perhaps he foresaw a blogger making cheesy puns at his expense and liked the idea of collecting tickets to pay for our literary sins.

Whatever the case may be, the owner of the car in the photo apparently hasn’t heard the news. A Community Board 15 initiative to change parking regulations along Emmons Avenue has opened up additional spaces along the notoriously clogged stretch. Formerly parallel, the newly angled parking spaces run on the north side of Emmons Avenue from Nostrand Avenue until Knapp Street. The new regulations create three sorely needed additional spaces per block. It’s not all good, though; because of DOT rules, the southern curb will remain parallel parking.