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Electrical Problems Spur Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot To Shutter Permanently


After approximately five months in business, Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot at 1520 Sheepshead Bay Road closed its doors following electrical wiring problems that carried a hefty price tag.

The business first closed temporarily more than two weeks ago, when a worker smelled smoke and found it coming from behind a wall. It was soon discovered that there were problems with the electrical wiring in the building. Those close to the business told Sheepshead Bites at the time that the closing was temporary, and that they were waiting for a contractor to make the necessary repairs.

But as time went by, our inbox filled up with notes from readers suggesting it was closed. Finally, on Monday, a For Rent sign appeared on the storefront. A representative of the business told Sheepshead Bites that, three contractors later, the repairs were too costly to do, despite that the past month saw booming sales and catering orders for the business.

No word yet on if the owners are prepping a new venture elsewhere, or even a rebirth of the Sandwich Spot.

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  1. This is very strange. The landlord of the building should have fixed the electric problems.  Even if he is not required to do it by law, it would still have made sense to get it done in order to keep the tenant.  I feel the electric problem is being used as an excuse.

  2. riiiiight,.. electrical problems.. or was it because they couldn’t give a sandwich away,.. place was a ghost town…


  3. Divine retribution, perhaps?

    If so, it only took 36 years.

    In the summer of 1976, one of the young, upstanding Randazzo sons came into the Radio Shack J was employed at, on Avenue X & Nostrand with some of his compadres.

    He asked to see a radio in the glass showcase, which I took out & placed on the counter.

    He immediately snatched it off the counter, racing with it tucked under his arm eastbound down Avenue X on foot.

    Some patrons in the store, also shaken up “advised” us it would be “in our best interests” not to press charges. Gee…now what on earth could be the reason for that?

    Don’t know what happened to him, bit it’s not too difficult these days to find out.

    Thanks for the article-I’ve got work to do!

  4. Appreciate the small businesses around, pay visits to the ones you like, to support. Otherwise the neighborhood will become medical-banking-pawn-sexshop industrial zone…

  5. That place was a ghost town, when ranz himself was handing out flyers under the train station I knew the place would bomb. That’s what you get when you had a lame ass steroid pumping graffiti pothead a chance to run a business, a half-ass attempt at success.

    I hope something good turns out of that spot, over the years it eateries served it from Turkish to Middle Eastern cuisines, for a hole in the wall that is about $3,500 a month I hope a decent business comes to Sheepshead and I also hope randazzo’s stays a clam bar and not try any other attempts in our neighborhood, clearly no one was interested. Curb side service my ass..

    We just lost Vinny’s chicken.. reading this post makes me a feel a little better, but I will miss Vinny’s.. I’d rather lose 100s of randazzo’s business ventures and keep Vinny. Why damnit why..

  6. I just had one chance to eat there. It wasn’t bad at all but it was definitely not special – it was all boar’s head. But it was relatively cheap and you won’t see places like this – or Chicken Masters – in Sheepshead much longer. Roll n Roaster and the original Randazzo’s are the last vestiges of New York Americana. So it goes.

  7. I think the article on Chicken Masters closing really shines a light on why this is happening.  Many a time I was thinking of opening some kind of food establishment in the area, I think I have some good ideas.  But besides the challenge of actually turning a profit, when I start thinking of all the regulations and government agencies you have to deal with just to open the doors and keep them open it becomes obvious what an uphill challenge this becomes, and I have a business degree, you can only imagine how hard it is for someone who is an expert on food preparation and not paperwork.

    So of course brands like 7/11 and Applebees will eventually push out all the family run places.  They have entire departments that handle compliance and deal with all the government paper work. I am sorry to say that NYC and America as a whole is becoming so buracratisezed that its chocking the lifeblood of a lot of small business.

  8. A few friends have approached me over say, the last 10 years, “bro, why don’t you open a business”?  Not that I seriously entertained the idea, but the thought did pop into my head over the years.  

       Well, from what I read here, the articles and everyones’ comments, the question has been released from my head, and as they said in the Odd Couple, “Never to return”.

  9. They lowered their price in response to feedback from Sheepshead Bites readers. That, to me, sounds like a very good way to do business – listen to your customers.

  10. Now if only the rent could be lowered from the asking price of $3200 to something manageable  we could get something in there.

  11. You do know that Sammy is in prison for killing someone who danced with an ex-girlfriend on a dance floor, his brother shooting at a crowd that chased him – then when a witness testified before a Grand Jury about witnessing the stabbing murder – the testimony was stolen. Two men showed up at the witness’ home and shoved it in his face telling him he “ain’t gonna testify.” They have the precinct and guys in the DA’s office who helped them with the “secret” Grand jury Testimony.

    Pauly “Slick” is a Luchese Soldier married to Gaspipe Casso’s daughter and has been caught on FBI wiretaps telling someone that “you don’t get into this business if you don’t like hurting people.”

    Mark just got out of prison for robbery… And “Mike” does mortgages… They are a nice family. Ask their victims..

  12. your story has a lot of holes in it, especially the part about me doing mortgages. You sure know a lot about us, it’s a shame we don’t know a damn thing about you.


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