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Mid-Election Day Update: I Voted, Have You?

Voters get amp’d at St. Mark School

The benefit of working in the neighborhood you live is that while all of you suckers have commuted to work or school or whatever, I get to go vote with no lines, no hassle. Suckers, indeed.

Still, it was unusually busy when we stopped by the St. Mark School poll site today at approximately 10:15 a.m., no doubt because of the mayoral elections. Poll workers agreed that they were seeing much higher morning turnouts than they have in recent years, and estimated that more than 300 people had so far cast their ballot at that one poll site.

We haven’t heard much in the way of problems yet today, though there were some lingering questions (as there always are) about the proximity of nearby electioneers. It is illegal to hand out campaign materials at the door to a poll site, so if you see something call 311 and inform the poll workers inside. Strangely, for the first time in the years I’ve been covering campaigns, I didn’t see the signs at the poll site indicating the distance electioneers must keep. And, more strangely, there were absolutely no electioneers at my poll site. Campaign workers for City Council candidates David Storobin and Chaim Deutsch were stationed more than a block away.

Of course, we tend to hear the most complaints of abuses and voting problems as the day wears on. Make sure to send any tips to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Polls are open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. You can find your polling site here.

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  1. That sounds about right. I believe there were 5 or 6. One of them said they hadn’t seen much action. My ED is the closest to the poll site, and they seemed pretty busy.

  2. I and a few other people had a problem. When we went to put our ballot into the machine the person was standing too close. I and others had to ask her to move away while we were putting the ballots in. It was like someone was looking over your shoulder during a test at school.

  3. Yes. Let’s all do our civic duty and get out there to vote for Bill de Blasio. The definition of incompetence and idiocy. What a sad state this city will be in after his 4 years are up. The people are going to get the government they deserve all right.

  4. So you should do your civic duty and vote for one of many opposing candidates.
    Nobody is being forced to vote a certain way just due to the opinion polls.

    For example, I will be voting mostly on the Green Party line this time.

  5. I haven’t worked an election in about 10 years. I seem to remember that some general elections would get about 50 in the mornings. The activity usually peaked during the evening rush hours, and then maintained a steady flow until closing.

  6. Dear Fellow Russian Jewish Republicans

    This is one councilman election where you should not be voting with the Republican party. A vote for David Storobin in a vote for cronyism, incompetence and favoritism. The guy has no idea what he is doing. While Chaim build a civil security force from the ground up and tackles problems such as crime, David writes self-important articles about himself, and global issues. Who cares about your view on global issues David? We care about our streets not your opinion on Iraq. While Chaim was leading the recovery from Sandy, David went around taking photos of himself looking at fallen trees.

    I am pro being tough on crime, I am for low taxes, I am for business, I am for private school vouchers, I am a Republican and I am against David Storobin.

  7. I am conflicted on whether or not to share my own personal opinion this time around – or whether it even matters – but since Tuth already commented I might as well give my two cents.

    I too am a Russian-Jewish Republican, although I have always preferred to vote for the candidate and not the party. The exception being the very rare instances where the party could potentially lose a majority and render the “good” candidates already in office powerless.

    That said, those of you voting for Storobin because you think he will be “good for your business”, I get it, you have a personal stake in this and as a “favorite” of his think you will profit from his win regardless of how little experience he has or how incompetent he is. I can’t argue with someone voting for a candidate because they expect an individual benefit. However, those of you voting for Storobin because he is a Republican or because someone else told you to, please take a look at the candidates and really consider that decision before you cast your vote.

    You should come to your own conclusions, but in my personal opinion, Tuth is 100% right on this one. Chaim > Storobin in every aspect. He has actual experience, a proven track record, and the desire to hustle for the good of his constituents. Storobin has zero real political experience, an empty track record, and seems to be consistently getting pushed by the business owners who need a puppet without the ability to do anything independently. Some days it feels like he doesn’t even want to run but is being convinced by someone that it is good for him to do.

  8. were you able to read the ballot? in particular the Constitutional Amendments on the back? It was too damn small. Even with my bifocals i had problem reading the ballot.


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