Elderly Couple Ticketed For City Contractor's Doings

An elderly Chinese couple are fighting back against the city’s attempt to dump a stiff penalty on them for a driveway that is too wide.

But, according to the family, sloppy city contractors built the driveway, not them.

According to CBS2, Tim Sit’s family and neighbors said the change to the driveway was made by city-hired contractors after working on an underground pipe. In repaving the curb, they altered its original size to make it wider. The family received a summons from the city and may be ordered to pay for the construction to repair the curb.

Councilman Michael Nelson jumped into the fray, and is urging the city to drop the summons against the Sit family.

The Department of Environmental Protection acknowledged to CBS that a city job was done outside Sit’s home in 2003, and the city is now looking to see if the family’s claim holds up.